Yoga Rage

My job has been making me crazy and I started renovating (ruining) my kitchen. I also started going to a new yoga place to try and “take the edge off”. Did it work? Well, it inspired something called ‘Yoga Rage’.

If you’ve never seen Rage Comics before, they’re um…”all the rage” over at Reddit. And, thanks to the awesome rage maker, you can make your own. Here’s my first attempt:

(click on the image if the text is too small)

yoga rage

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  • That’s funny.
    But see, I told you yoga was dumb. Did they make you wear a green leotard?

  • THE INTENSE PAIN SQUARE IS HYSTERICAL!!!!  I am DYING!  That is the way I feel at the end of every single day!  LOLOLOL!  love it!

  • I think “Intense Pain” guy should be your new avatar.

  • If any part of renovating your kitchen involves under-the-counter work (i.e. replacing the sink or installing an additional faucet),  you’ll be thankful for those back-bending exercises.  Trust me.


  • I take it he’s not a ‘morning person’?


  • I give you points for trying.   As for “intense pain guy?”   That’s pretty much how I look getting out of bed in the morning.

  • You’re right. But the only way to get any benefit from the exercise is if you can actually do it. Properly.
    Thankfully, I won’t be needing to do acrobatics under the sink. I am not tackling that thing 🙂

  • Nope. They don’t make you wear anything in fact. Naked Yoga FTW!

  • I’m hearing more and more that a lot of people feel that way all the time.

  • I think you’re onto something there 🙂

  • These days I’m just a sleep person. If I could get it though, it would be great.

  • I hear you. These days getting out of bed is more challenging than rock climbing.

  • HA!! And that’s exactly why I do NOT take Yoga classes!

  • Mikewj

    I’m amazed you even think about doing yoga. You’re just trying to meet flexible women, aren’t you?

  • Well I’m trying to improve my chi through vinyasa and dhyāna which translates into, yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

  • I kind of find the whole idea of stressing out to relax kind of hilarious.

  • Me too.

  • Kitchen, been there done that, had to push the giant heavy cast iron sink out with my feet, so if you aren’t messing with the plumbing, are you refacing the cabinets and replacing the floor? Did our upstairs bathroom last year at this time it was a big cluster for over a month, hope you get stuff out and back together soon.

  • I would have fallen at the first ‘yoga’ hurdle!

  • It’s all about picking the right position for you.  I’m excellent at ‘downward crapping dog’.  Especially after a big meal.

  • Mike, Alex liked Yoga and he did really well at it.  I liked it too, but I was not as good as he was so I got mad and I quit.  Plus, I don’t even like doggie style so what’s the point of any of it?

  • I’m actually just re-doing the backsplash, so it’s probably considered ‘minor’ work. But because I decided to do some electrical and replace some sockets I had to take apart some cabinets and put them back together again. Now I have the reno bug and that countertop is starting to look kinda old.

  • If you mean the parking hurdle, I agree: getting there is half the challenge.

  • That’s a harder pose to master than most people realize.

  • You know, your comment made me think about what the whole point of yoga is and then I thought about the 4 to 1 ratio of girls to guys in the classes.

  • If it’s tile, just scratch out the grout and replace it, if it’s formica you can tile over it, just make sure you really rough up the surface first and put a skim coat of mortar on the night before to give it something to stick to.

  • Nope. The previous backsplash was a disgusting vinyl material. I ripped it off and replaced with stone and glass tile. I had a little bit of a grout issue (cause I’m a slob), so I had to do some precision scrapping. Pics are coming 🙂

  • terrible terrible image.


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