They Don’t Call Them Deviled Eggs For Nothing


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These have absolutely nothing to do with this post but I got them for Christmas and felt the overwhelming need to show them off. I also have the overwhelming need to wear them all the time. Even with pajamas. That's not weird, right?

So, how were your holidays? If you’re like me… hey, what’s with the panicked look and passionate protests?! Sheesh. I was joking about wearing the boots with pajamas, you know. Sort of. Whatever.

Look, if your holidays were anything like mine (There, feel better? Sigh.), it was probably a crazy busy and stressful time. Sure, there were presents to be bought and wrapped, a tree to trim, and lights to string. But the absolute craziest part of the holidays is the food preparation.  The hours and hours and HOURS spent preparing the deviled eggs.

That’s right. The dreaded deviled eggs. Seriously. It would seem deviled eggs really are Satan’s food and hellish to prepare. Apparently, there are millions of people suffering from lack of sleep and unbearable stress and frustration because of this evil dish. I didn’t even know the problem was so bad until I saw this commercial. I give you Eggies.

Well, that explains why I’m so exhausted! The first time I saw this ad, I thought it was a joke. I mean, really? “Hard-boiled eggs mean hard work…and peeling all night.” Seriously? And they want 10 bucks for it?! Are they insane?

Here, I’d like to show you something.

Yup, that’s me. Peeling an egg. I decided to make it really challenging by leaving the kitchen light off and only keeping the single light above the stove top on. (Ok, to be honest, I forgot to turn the light on as I walked into the kitchen and didn’t feel like going back.) And yet, it still only took me about 20 seconds to peel an egg in the (almost) dark. Which means I can peel a dozen of them in about 4 minutes. So how is this keeping me up all night?

Truly, this has to be the stupidest invention ever. It’s so stupid, they even had to invent the problem this invention is supposed to solve. Because really,  Eggies has absolutely no purpose.

Unless, of course, Hell is a place where you spend all eternity peeling hard-boiled eggs. Then Eggies makes a lot of sense. But I’m guessing Satan won’t let you use Eggies. It is Hell, after all. And he is Satan. And you are in Hell. Which means you were very naughty and don’t deserve a break. It also means you shouldn’t have panicked so badly when I started to say “If you’re like me…”. Because it seems you are. So there.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to sit and stare at my new boots.

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  • Peter

    That was kinda brilliant

  • Those Eggies people don’t know shit.

    Watch this and save 10 bucks:

  • Ha ha ha!  They’ll invent any silly gadget because there is always someone who’ll fall for those TV ads. Peeling hard boiled eggs is so simple and quick. I worry about the people who thought they needed to invent something to make it easier.

  • I’m going to assume you were talking about my post and not the invention. 🙂

  • That video is awesome.

  • This is like the pet rock of the kitchen! I really couldn’t believe it wasn’t a joke. Then I seriously couldn’t believe people would actually buy it. Sigh. But there are ALWAYS people who will buy this stuff.

  • Nicky, I watched your video three times. I took notes. I am now ready to peel an egg. I hope.
    I will start small. I will start with pigeon eggs and work my way up to chicken.

  • That’s a cool trick.

    I’m going to do this at my next party. 

  • First of all, those boots are amazing and wonderful.  I think you ought to wear them all the time.  (No, not in the shower, but that’s the only place not to wear them.)  I don’t know how hard it is to boil an egg or to peel one.  I just do it.  Put the egg in a pan of water.  Heat the water to a boil.  Let it boil for 7 minutes.  Put the egg in cold water.  Crack it and peel it.  It looks like you use pretty much the same method.  But I do it with the lights on.  I’m a show off, you know.

  • You have to admire the confidence a company that would invest in marketing a thing like that has in itself, and grieve the lack of confidence it has in the average consumer.

  • Great. Unfortunately, I think I have plans that night. Bummer.

  • 3 times? There’s a minute of your life you’ll never get back. Maybe you should start with fish eggs?

  • I had a feeling you would understand my feelings about my new boots. 🙂

    As for peeling eggs, yup. We share the same recipe. Sometimes I keep the light on but other times, I don’t. Depends on if the egg is feeling bloated or not.

  • Tatty! Long time no see… Happy New Year and welcome back! I think I actually grieve the knowledge that there are people dumb and lazy enough to buy this.

  • That’s OK, we can have my party at your house this time. I’ll be there in 1/2 an hour.

  • Those boots are awesome! And they would look fabulous WITH your pajama jeans!

    I am so hysterical right now – because I cannot make hard boiled eggs to save my life. So that 10.00 product MIGHT be perfect for someone clueless in the kitchen. I bow to your egg peeling skills!

  • Sweet thing, I KNOW you’re not the handiest in the kitchen, but I REFUSE to believe you can not *peel* an egg! Notice I didn’t say ‘boil’ an egg 🙂  xoxo

  • There’s a gadget for everything these days, isn’t there?  I’ve got my method for peeling eggs – I leave them in the empty pot, hold the lid on and then shake vigorously.  Ready to peel.  No need for “Eggies”, but still is an interesting idea.  

  • There really is a gadget for everything, as well as for nothing it would seem! I like your “shake and break” method. I think I could work out some frustration by doing it that way and pretending it was Jepeto 🙂

  • Next time my father cooks the eggs, I will totally try to peel them!

  • nonamedufus

    That Eggies thing makes eggs look so yucky. Kudos to you for going the au naturale route (with the eggs, not the boots, although if you did with the boots can you send pictures?) I love deviled eggs. Can’t get enough. Any left over?

  • nonamedufus

    Blow on my eggs and I’ll follow you anywhere.

  • I will be pushed into the eternal hell of eggs that don’t peel, that drag the whites off leaving a tumor where the egg used to be. Yes I’ll admit it, Eggies were made for me, and I’d probably buy them, but the shipping and handling would kill me.
    Love your new boots

  • I think these eggies are a clever invention; especially since you can add ingredients before boiling now, or even scramble them if you want.

    I think that preparation of eggs is called ‘deviled’ because the lazy or inept had a ‘devil of a time’ making them, NOT because they’re ‘his’ food.  I know a little something about the guy; he doesn’t eat devil’s food cake, nor does he live on devil’s island.  He does like Devil Dogs though, but doesn’t everybody?  They’re yummy.

  • Jepeto

    I wonder if they invented a peanut shell crusher.

  • That’s what they all say Dufus. 🙂

  • They do look really gross, don’t they? The pictures are in the mail. Except they’re of Jepeto. Enjoy. 🙂

    C’mon over, my friend. I’ll make you a dozen deviled eggs.

  • Madge, I’ll be standing right beside you. We’ll be the Laverne and Shirley of Hell. But we’ll have great footwear 🙂

  • Are you playing Devil’s Advocate again, God?

    Clever? Seriously? If you scramble them, then boil them in a mold, they are no longer scrambled. They are gross.

    I thought they were called deviled eggs because they were devilishly good. I’ve never had a Devil Dog. What is that?

    Since you know his evilness so well, do you think you could put in a good word for me?

  • Yes, they have. It’s called Jepeto 🙂

  • I over cook my eggs, tear off half of them taking the shell off, and end up with about 1/4 of a deviled egg.  But they are good!  🙂  The boots.  Oh my goodness.  GORGEOUS.  I would shoot my eye out trying to wear them… but at least I would shoot my eye out looking GOOD!  I bet you ROCK THEM!

  • Anonymous

    I like ze furry boots.

  • You made me laugh with the 1/4 of a deviled egg 🙂

    I love my boots. Everyone was amazed that I can walk in them. Then I demonstrated that I can even run in them!

  • Ze furry boots like you too 🙂

  • Oh ya, that invention is right up there in uselessness with the arm toner shaker thingy. I think that was invented for Hell…shake that thingy until you hit yourself in the head with it…I do love those boots! Having a giveaway by chance? I sure would love me those boots sista!

  • I read that last line as “I have to stare at my new boobs”.

    I have thought the same thing about the Eggies and love that you tackled this problem. 

    I almost bought some at the MOA because they have a Seen On TV store and the clerk there always looks really bored, but you don’t get two for the price of one like you do on TV. 

  • After hearing about Eggies, I’m shell-shocked.

  • I’ve been waiting days for someone to say that! 🙂

  • Alas, I do not have new boobs. Just the same old tired boobs I’ve had for years. Trust me, I don’t stare at them!

    Consider it my public service 🙂

    What’s the MOA? I’m really glad you didn’t buy one, because then I would have to make fun of you

  • I forgot about that arm shaky thing! I think they sell those things in sex shops now! Giveaway, hunh? Sure. And you win!! Congratulations! What size shoe are you? Because I’m an 8 (unless you’re an 8, then I’m a 12. Unless you’re a 12, then I’m a 4. Unless you’re a 4, then I’m… you see how this works, right?) 🙂

  • Just use those new boots to step on the eggs.. that way you can peel and mash them at the same time.  Of course they’ll be a little gritty and hard to form back into deviled egg shapes, but you’ll be saving ten bucks.

  • MOA = Mall of America (built by Canadians)

    Yes, my boobs are tired too. Gravity sucks.

  • Gives new meaning to walking on eggshells, Boom Boom! 🙂

  • Mikewj

    When it comes to boobs, gravity’s not the only thing that sucks.   


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