Amongst Other Things, A Cheese Review

tortoiseshell cat, cell phone

Seriously. Does she look like she cares if it's for her?

Hi. How’s it going? *looks at computer screen expectantly*

Ok, then. Moving right along.

I’m doing just fine. Well, no. I’m not. Not really. I am experiencing technical difficulties. See, technically, I can write. But, technically, I just don’t feel like it. This has happened before and it wasn’t too bad because I could count on my co-blogger and BFF CheesyMike to pick up my slack.

Unfortunately, CheesyMike is all busy being mom to a  cat. Even though he has a beard. And a penis.

You did understand that I meant CheesyMike has a beard and penis, not the cat, right? Although, technically, the cat has a penis too.

Technical difficulties, remember?


Mike’s not writing because he’s busy with 3 o’clock fur balls, visits to the vet, being a human scratching post and saying things like “Who’s a good kitty? Are you a good kitty? Yes you are. That’s right. Momma’s got a good kitty.” Not to mention calling me up to make me listen to his cat.

Uh huh.

Do you know what a cat sounds like on the phone? Pretty much like this:


Before Mike got the cat, he came over one evening for a whine and cheese soiree. He brought the cheese. And the whine.

See, his parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and decided to go on a cruise. With the rest of his family. He got left behind, kinda like the annoying little blond kid in Home Alone. He assured me he wasn’t at all bitter about it and was already planning to take them out for dinner when they returned. To McDonald’s.

In any case, we had decided that since we nearly always review local cheeses, we would go “international” this time. Mike brought over 5 cheeses from different countries.

One of the cheeses from France was called Régal de Bourgogne.

cheese, papaya

It's covered with bits of dried papaya.

It’s a double cream cow’s milk cheese, which means it is very rich and very fattening. It’s also sweet and delicious. Seriously. Like, stupid good. Not better than the Pomegranate Blueberry goat cheese we had, but damn close.

My extensive research (15 seconds of looking at the Google search results) shows that Régal de Bourgogne is also covered with raisins or mustard seed. While the mustard seed version sounds appealing, I hate raisins. Which is why I didn’t bother with any further research. Also, technically, I didn’t feel like it.


Why mess with a good thing? Papaya covered double cream cheese is awesome. Now go find some. You won’t regret it.

And, for the love of cheese, don’t EVER make someone listen to your cat on the phone.

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