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Does This Theme Make Us Look Fat?

Mike writes: We hope it does!

Our old WordPress theme served us well for 2 1/2 years (!) , but we always felt that it was just too narrow. It was just very annoying that we had to resize our videos so that they’d fit in the center column. I also heard that  the site didn’t play very nicely with Internet Explorer which had something to do with Disqus breaking on occasion or something.  Finally, the real deal breaker was that the Simple Indy theme hadn’t had an update in almost 2 years!

So, we bit the bullet, picked a new theme, and here it is!

Some key features:

– Wider layout
– More customizable
– More Internets
– I don’t have to do any coding!
– No dropped packets
– Things ping

Anyway, there’ll probably be a bunch of little changes happening for the next week or so while we walk around in this thing and see if it fits.

Nicky writes: “WE” do NOT hope it makes our blog look fat!

I think makes our blog look svelte, streamlined, modern and sophisticated. But what’s really important is that the interesting, intellectually stimulating, funny and well-written content you’ve come to know and love won’t change a bit.

In the meantime, here’s Mike’s cat:

wordpress theme cat frosted glass

Close Encounters of the Dobson Kind


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  • I like it!  Though your Facebook widget and your ad boxes do not.

    Just some kinks that need ironing.  Overall I like it!!

  •  Yeah, the Facebook widget went all free radical on us. And you’re right about the ad boxes. Looking a little horrendous.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Looking good

  • me likey

  • Looks good to me.  I would love you guys even if your theme made you look fat. 

  • And look, I’m commenting while using Internet Explorer! Whhhheeeeeeeeeee!!

  • Lindasmusings

    Looking good!  I, or rather my blog, is due for a revamping.  Truth be told, we both need revamping, but I don’t know which would be harder.  Congrats on the new look.  I love the cat pic, too.

  • I don’t notice the layout of a well written blog, but it’s looking good.

    I do notice photos of sweet cats though and Dobson looks adorable!

  • Wow!   It’s roomy in here.  HELLO …hello… hello….   HOW ARE YOU… you… you…?   Yeah.  Damn fine echo, too.   I like it!

  • Clean, clear, customized, cats and cheese. The 5 Cs of perfect blogging. How can you go wrong?

  • Leave it to you to go exploring.

  •  Thanks Linda! Still needs work and also need to figure out exactly HOW it works.

    The cat is a photogenic freak.

  • Thanks Babs, and Dobson says thanks, too! I’m kidding. He says, “reeoowrwwr!”

  • Thanks Jayne, it does feel a lot less cramped!

  •  Thank you, Cheryl! We appreciate it!

  •  Thanks Meleah!

  • You can’t. Unless you add the 6th C: Cauliflower.

    Thanks Dufus!

  • Lindamedrano

    You and Mike never come across as fat, but Mike needs to find another hobby besides his cat.  I like cats too, Mike, but I think you might be getting a bit obsessive here.  Alex used to put the cat in the front of his zip up jacket and take the cat with him when he went places.  Alex and a cat head sticking out of the top of the jacket was not the best image for a man.

  • Oh come on. I talk about Dobson on occasion, but otherwise I still go to work and play in a band and live my life like I normally do. If it wasn’t for the bloody gashes on my arms, you’d never even know that I had a cat. I meow hardly even meow think about him. Meow.

  • Lindamedrano

    Crazy young cat dude!

  • It’s absolutely perfect. Sleek, sophisticated, elegant… We’re talking about the cat, right?

  • This looks REALLY NICE.  I mean REALLY nice.  See how well the picture fits?  I can only put ones that are 400 across on mine – no bigger.  Yours is perfect – great job!

  •  Well yeah!


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