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Does This Theme Make Us Look Fat?

Mike writes: We hope it does!

Our old WordPress theme served us well for 2 1/2 years (!) , but we always felt that it was just too narrow. It was just very annoying that we had to resize our videos so that they’d fit in the center column. I also heard that  the site didn’t play very nicely with Internet Explorer which had something to do with Disqus breaking on occasion or something.  Finally, the real deal breaker was that the Simple Indy theme hadn’t had an update in almost 2 years!

So, we bit the bullet, picked a new theme, and here it is!

Some key features:

– Wider layout
– More customizable
– More Internets
– I don’t have to do any coding!
– No dropped packets
– Things ping

Anyway, there’ll probably be a bunch of little changes happening for the next week or so while we walk around in this thing and see if it fits.

Nicky writes: “WE” do NOT hope it makes our blog look fat!

I think makes our blog look svelte, streamlined, modern and sophisticated. But what’s really important is that the interesting, intellectually stimulating, funny and well-written content you’ve come to know and love won’t change a bit.

In the meantime, here’s Mike’s cat:

wordpress theme cat frosted glass

Close Encounters of the Dobson Kind


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