Is It Real Or Is It Marketing?

I saw this commercial last night and immediately thought of Mike and his new cat, Dobson. You know, the cat he made me listen to on the phone.

At least Dobson doesn’t spell his name with a “ph”. And yes, this will be the last freaking cat post you’ll find here on WWFC.


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  • “… this will be the last freaking cat post you’ll find here…”

    ahahahahhahaa….yeah ok. Whatever.

  •  Don’t you “whatever” me!

  • Say it isn’t so?  How will we ever know what clever things that Dobson is up to without an occassional update from you Mike.  

    I hadn’t seen that commercial…since DVR came out, I haven’t seen any commercials, really… but I thought that was rather funny.  As a cat owner, the fact they got a cat to cooperate long enough to do a commercial amazes me. 

    The other part of that is most men seem to prefer dogs.  Sorry Mike, but you have to admit most men aren’t CAT people.  Where did Purina One come up with a guy that  was willing to go public about liking a cat?

  • Purr-fect.

  • Ahahahahahhahaha!  Somehow, I doubt this will be the LAST cat post!

  • Hubby and I are both cat (and cheese) people, so more cat (and cheese) posts are fine with me! 

  • Lindamedrano

    Steven with a “ph”?  Next thing, they’ll be naming those dumb cats “Brian” with a “y”.  I like cat posts.  I hope Mike does a whole bunch of them, with lots and lots of pictures.  Maybe he can even do a cat movie!  And we could watch Dobson eat some cheese!  That would be really really fun!

  • Cheryl, as much as I’d like to say it’s true that there will never be another cat post here, I think that Mike’s comment has shown it to be wishful thinking on my part.

    Rest assured, you will get all the nauseating details of Dobson’s antics! 🙂

    Maybe MOST guys prefer dogs, but Mike is definitely not most guys.

  •!  🙂

  •  Sigh. Me neither. 🙂

  • I’m just worried that Dobson, like that last clip of Stephen posting to the Internet, will end up out-blogging us!! 🙂

  • Or Jeph or Steeve or Myke, or Pawl or something equally ridiculous! 🙂

    Please, hon, don’t give him any ideas…

  • Nooooooooooooo!!! How can you do this to me, Nicky, my one true love? How can you take away my guilty pleasure when you know how much I love the furry little creatures? You’re going to have to provide me with whole lot of awkward banana to make up for this.

  • xoxoxo

  • Now, you see, if you used Facebook or Google+ or Pinterest more you could post lots of cat things there 🙂  I have no problems with cat posts. I may even do one myself one day 🙂

  • HA HA I love it!!  Laughed outloud by the time it got to the mouse part!

  • I’m willing to pay that price. Wear the pinafore and knee socks.

  • Did you hear that Mike? Start using Facebook and Google+ and Pinterest!!! Thanks, Babs… you may have provided some respite for me 🙂

  • Glad you enjoyed, Katherine! I laughed as well… and then I was slightly afraid 🙂

  • Geez Nicky. What have you got against cats? 



    Oddly enough as these things go, my middle name is actually Stephen. Isn’t that meowvolous?

  • Thatph’s itph. I’mph puttingph “ph” everywhereph nowph becauseph ofph youph! Justph toph proveph Iph haveph nothingph againstph catsph. 🙂

  • KZ

    The more posts about cats, the better, I say.  I’m kind of nutso about cats though.

  • Or just kind of nutso 🙂


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