La Neige!

La neige!
rue berri mont royalLA NEIGE!

boulevard mont royal snowLA NEIGE!!

the cat likes it

Finally. Now maybe I can go skiing! (Myself, not the cat).


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  • I was sooo happy that it barely snowed this winter. But when this dump of snow hit us the other day I really didn’t mind it. The last hurrah before the start of spring. Although, we are supposed to get another 10-15 cm this week.

  • Nonamedufus

    Great pics. Mike. Just wrong time of year. I want to be golfing not skiing. 

  • I’m so jealous. We STILL haven’t had any snow where I live this season. *sigh*

  • Mr Winter was a bit late showing up ūüôā

  • Seriously, you’re calling that pathetic little dusting of icing sugar snow? And you’re only now getting any? I fart in the general direction of your so called snow.

  • Mike

    That’s because last year you got all the snow, so there wasn’t any left for this season. That was last year, right?

  • Mike

    Yep. He’s a major slacker this year.

  • Apparently!

  • Mike

    I know. I know. And I want to be on my bike. still love a dumping of snow.

  • Mike

    This will ensure that skiing will happen.

  • Mike

    It’s embarrassing! We used to get a lot of snow and it was impressive. Now? Nothing. It’s like Winter has erectile dysfunction or something.

  • Who you calling a slacker!

  • Our neige is derierre high. Bring on printemps!

  • That’s not a nice thing to say!

  • Love the snow and the kitty in the window.¬† They do love “nature TV” don’t they?¬† We had one little snow of maybe 1/2 inch.¬† Then again, this is the South.

  • Lindamedrano

    I love the picture of the cat looking out the window.¬† We used to have a 60 gallon aquarium and our cat loved it so.¬† It was his idea of a true home entertainment center.¬† Snow?¬† Too cold, Mike.¬† I’d stay home with the cat.

  • I agree, Mike that snow this year is a complete slacker.¬† The one crummy little snow we had this winter was more slush than snow.¬† Not pretty at all.¬† Really, if I am going to live in Kansas there needs to be 4 seasons.¬† Winter needs to look like winter.

    I loved all the pics  but like everyone else, the one with the cat looking out the window is precious.

  • Exactly! 4 seasons keeps things interesting,¬† so if it’s going to be cold, may as well have snow! Also, and I’ve said it before, but snow is good for the crops.

  • ¬†Bientot! Bientot!

  • Hmm…an aquarium! Great idea. Something like that would definitely keep Dobson busy and off my toes.

  • They do. His other favorite channels are “The Garbage Truck” and “The Mouse Pointer Channel”

  • KZ

    I live in a place where it never snows. ¬†Honestly, I prefer it that way. ¬†Even so, those pictures really do make the snow look enticing. ¬†Right now, I’m enjoying a mental image of that cat skiing down a slope.

  • Lindamedrano

    You are beautiful, but so damn cold.


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