Lights and Heights

I’ve been seeing these ads for the annual Festival des Lumieres with the tag line “To boost your morale!”, because you know, February sucks. But it doesn’t really suck, at least not for me, but then again, February is generally perceived as a sucky no-light month (even though the days are getting longer). Which is why they set up these “festivals of light” festivals.

So last week on my way home from the office I found myself walking by the site and saw this:flacid plastic reflectors

Was this part of the festival? Because looking at these limp plastic reflectors dangling in the wind made me want to kill myself. Or at least leave the site as soon as possible.

Anyway, it turns out that I was completely wrong. When Sue asked if I wanted to go for Chinese Dumplings and then check out the festival afterwards, I realized that the flaccid display of  suicide inducing lights were part of another, less popular festival.

At the actual festival we watched people slide on the awesome electric ice slide/luge (and watch/listen to some band perform in the background).

montreal light festival ice slide 2012

You can also go on the illuminated ferris wheel and swear like a motherfucker when it stops on top because even though you’re not afraid of heights, you are totally afraid of heights and the instance of the word ‘fuck’ persists as the fucking thing goes higher and fucking higher and fucking stops on top and sways and creaks like the rickety thing was built in Soviet era Russia. Fuck.

illuminated ferris wheel

The fucking view!
On the ferris wheel

You also get to spend $2.50 for 5 marshmallows and a stick!
expensive marshmallowsMarshmallows. The gooey burnt taste of your childhood.Highly recommended if only to remind you that roasted marshmallows sound a lot better than they actually are.



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