The Beast Returns

Can you stand another post about cats? Course you can.

I’ve been dealing with Dobson‘s insane kitten personality for almost a month now and things are starting to settle down. Sometimes he’s a complete asshole, but he usually makes up for it when he does that little thing he does. Anyway remember that traveling slut calico cat from last summer?

calico cat long whiskers

Well she came back and look at her! She’s in winter survival mode and is not friendly. When she saw Dobson, she was pretty jealous, but hey, she disappears for weeks at a time. I had to move on!

the beast

Dobson taunted her because Dobson isn’t smart enough to be afraid of anything yet. The Beast hissed and growled:

dobson teases the beast

And then they had a standoff by the bathroom which was more Dobson hanging out and The Beast looking perplexed:
dobson the beast standoff

So, am I crazy cat dude yet?

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  • Crazy?  Maybe.

    Cat dude?  Definitely.

    But crazy cat dude?  I think you need at least 5 to qualify. 

    Speaking of cats, you’re gonna love the story I just finished penning.  It’s posting tomorrow, so tune in to be as mortified as I was….

  • No man, to be crazy, not only would you have to have cats, you would also have to be a skinny guy who lives alone, and have a beard.
    And eat cheese.

  • If you have cats, that makes you smart, not crazy 😉  You don’t have to take them out for walks or groom them. Give ’em food and a lap and they’re happy!

  • Only a crazy cat dude if you keep these pictures in your wallet…

  • Cats fascinate me.  They are so smart and even cunning.  I love my guy Smokey.  Old male cats are the sweetest things ever.  I think old female cats just get bitchier.  Dobson is a handsome guy. He seems pretty calm.

  • Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out!

  • He’s calm when he wants to be. He has a ton of energy and he hunts me late at night. I have the bite and scratch marks to prove it.

  • How about on my cell phone? Does that count?

  • And have friends named Shawn. Yeah I’m starting to understand.

  • Yep, they’re pretty low maintenance for the most part, but somedays his hyperactivity drives me completely mad!

  • Our cat used to climb out one bedroom window, run across the roof, and jump on our heads through the window over our bed about 3 AM.  I swear, I think Smokey went to Cat “Terrorist Academy” before we got him.

  • Mikewj

    This thing with you and cats is starting to worry me. Maybe you need to get laid or something.

  • Mikewj

    A cat like that would be a dead cat in my house. Nobody jumps on my head at three in the morning, not even Evangeline Lily.

    Actually, I’d make an exception for her.

  • I would too, Michael.

  • Shieldmaiden1196

    I had to laugh when I saw your cat’s picture because I, too, have an orange and white cat who is sometimes a complete asshole. He drives you nuts, you end up calling him a dick, then he makes up with it with insanely kawaii anime cuteness and you feel bad. Which is, of course, completely calculated.

  • Yep, the manipulative freaks own you and not the other way around.

  • Maybe. I’ll blog about it when I do.

  • You and I should start our own blog. We can blog about cats and underrated musical instruments like the violin and piano. Also, about cats. The internet would most definitely benefit from it.

  • I love this, Mike.   Aren’t cats endlessly entertaining?    You can post as many of these as you want.   And I love that you’re a cat dude.  Nothing crazy about it.

  • Yep. The internet would indeed become richer for it. But what would we call the blog?

  •  As much as the little bastard pisses me off, I find myself taking pictures of him while he does said things to piss me off. I’m under his command.

  • Awwwwwww. Man, now I want a cat. 

  • Yes! Brilliant. I’m telling you, this could very well be the best idea ever.


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