What The Hell Were We Thinking?

Tomorrow, Mike and I will be posting pictures and we will continue to post pictures every day for the next 30 days. Why? Pretty much because we’re stupid.

Our friends Ziva and BonyMike did a 30 Days of Photographs series last year. They went on and on about how crazy stressful it was. How much they hated it. How it was responsible for their loss of sanity, several drunken rages, numerous crying jags, and quite possibly BonyMike’s transformation into a grumpy old man with a lawn fixation.

old man, grey beard, grey hair

In all fairness, he was grumpy before this meme. The lawn fixation, however, is new.

And so – since logic dictates that because it didn’t kill them, they must do it again – they have decided to do it again. And take as many unsuspecting bloggers as possible with them. And Mike and I would be amongst those bloggers.

Ok, seriously, the only reason I’m doing this is because Ziva is freakin’ hot. Like h-a-w-t hot. Seriously. Only the opportunity to impress a totally hot, young, dark-haired and black-hearted girl could explain why I am participating in a meme that requires me to demonstrate my lack of photographic talent even when using an idiot-proof point-and-click camera.

stripper, exotic dancer, stripper pole, pole dancer

This is almost exactly what Ziva looks like. Except the model in this picture isn't as hot as Ziva.

Not to mention that I am involved in a meme that has twelve billion RULES!!

Uh-huh. Rules. Twelve billion of them. Yes, she’s that hot. Here are the rules, summarized:

Rule #1 – The challenge begins April 1st and ends April 30th.
Rule #2 – You must post a single photo—one per blogger per blog.
Rule #3 – Post your day’s photo at 15:00 Eastern European Summer Time. (8 am Montreal Time. I think. I’m not really sure, but that’s when I’m posting my picture. Rules be damned!)
Rule #4 – Any photo you’ve taken since March 1st, 2012 qualifies for the challenge.
Rule #5 – Cropping, editing, color adjusting and photoshopping in a big mouse in a glass of wine are all acceptable things to do to make your photo more presentable.
Rule #6 – All photos—especially the bad ones—may be accompanied by a witty, meaningful or utterly incoherent post of up to 250 words.
Rule #7 – Write a short introduction to run above every post, where you mention the meme and link to all participants.
Rule #8 through #12 billion
– This is NOT a competition but, rather, a wonderful way to demonstrate that we are better than BonyMike.

See. Twelve billion rules. All I can say is that Ziva had better be as easy appreciative as she is hot.

Here’s the list of daily themes:

Day 1: Silence
Day 2: Architecture
Day 3: From An Ant’s Perspective
Day 4: The experiment
Day 5: Power
Day 6: Tragedy
Day 7: Mirror
Day 8: A stranger
Day 9: Something I hate
Day 10: Waiting
Day 11: Wheels
Day 12: Fear
Day 13: Pleasure
Day 14: Forty-two
Day 15: Wood
Day 16: Ordinary matters
Day 17: Time
Day 18: Fire
Day 19: White
Day 20: Bird
Day 21: Moon
Day 22: Portrait
Day 23: Fish tales
Day 24: Crowd
Day 25: The future
Day 26: My toothbrush
Day 27: Nude
Day 28: Outlier
Day 29: Lines
Day 30: The Devil

I have taken exactly none of these pictures yet. I’m sure I’m not the only participant who has waited until the last possible moment to start taking pictures, right? Right?!


And finally, all the participants vying for Ziva’s affections participating in this meme:


Mike WJ

Nicky and Mike



John, aka nonamedufus

Bryan, aka Unfinished Person






Elizabeth A.


You know, it’s not too late to join us, if you’d like to. Or you could just take a bunch of pictures and send them to me and let me post them as my own.


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