Cheese Is Too Expensive!

And it’s making me very angry!

(And hungry, because that happens whenever I talk about cheese! And why am I still talking in brackets?)


The question is: why is cheese so expensive in Quebec?

There are 2 reasons: 1) government subsidies to dairy farmers and 2) super high tariffs on imported cheese.

But, I’m not here to give you a lesson in international trade and our local cheese cartel. I’m here to give some examples.

Look at this pathetic slab of Jarlsberg. Fine, its an imported cheese. I get that. But $4.70 for this measly slice?

slice of jarlsberg

And if you look closely…what? $37.60 a kilo? In U.S. dollars that comes out to somewhere between getting beatdown in an alley and wallet rape.

light jarlsberg cheeseHow about this for being taken advantage of? Oka cheese. Locally made. And at over $41 a kilo, it’s more expensive than the imported crap! Fuck you, whoever’s responsible for this bullshit.wedge of oka cheese

Finally, this is the reason why I buy my cheese tortellini in bulk. Ridiculous packaging scams. This package of cheese tortellini costs more than $6 and contains 3 to 4 servings. The only problem is…it doesn’t! And I really hate packaging that lies to you!

Put it this way. 350 grams is about 2.5 cups. That means that, divided in 4. each serving is 5oz. Basically like, 5 precious tortellinis per person…which is nothing! Marketing people suck (not you Nicky, just the marketing people in the food industry). I’m serious. 5oz hasn’t been a serving since I was a fetus.

small portion of tortellini


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