Dobson’s Big Day

Man, what a week it’s been and it’s only Tuesday!

Here at WWFC, one of the biggest challenges we face is keeping up with our overflowing mailbag. You wouldn’t believe it! Of course we get requests to review (and eat) all kinds of crazy cheeses and post delicious recipes, but oddly enough the majority of the letters are just people typing in all caps: PLEASE POST MORE PICTURES OF YOUR CAT!!

Now I know that this is supposed to be a cheese blog and all, but Dobson certainly is getting popular so I’ll see what I can do! haha.

So let’s get started! I think it was MikeWJ who specifically requested that I post some adorable photos with some hilarious captions underneath, so let’s do that!

Check it out. Dobson’s first day outside on his own. It was the best time ever:

Dobson outside

This is the best and much more fun than anything else!

Sniffing a pine tree:

Dobson eats a pine

Now this tree is the best thing!

But wait. What does Dobson smell?

Dobson's curious

What's Dobson up to? Let's zoom in...

Enhance! OMG…it’s the Eye of Sauron cat!

Eye Of Sauron cat

The Eye Of Sauron might be all seeing and all knowing but all Dobson really wants is to smell his pee.

Yeah! Cats!


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