The Girl With The Prickly Mustache

I have an exciting announcement that I just had to share with you all. I’ve started writing a novel. I wasn’t going to, but then a dear friend urged me to. He even suggested a storyline that I could totally see myself developing into a really gripping mystery.

The Girl With The Prickly Mustache ... no, it's not an autobiography. Not really.

The main character is a brilliant but troubled woman who enjoys doing crossword puzzles in what little spare time she has. She is beautiful, yet with a manly upper lip. She is bored, yet willing to take on horrific cases to achieve justice.

She is independent, yet enslaved by three — no, four — children. She is reticent, yet surprisingly talkative when inebriated.

The story will be set in a cold, foreign land. Like Montreal, Canada.

snowflakes, cold, winter

I know. It's hard to believe anyone could live in such a God-forsaken place.

Yes, there will be some pretty hot Eskimo sex scenes. I know, you don’t see a lot of those. There’s a reason for that.

That’s the plot twist. A body is found under a pile of melted igloo. Our heroine is called away from her crossword puzzles to figure out how it happened. Who was the victim’s partner? Where did the partner go? And what is a 6-letter word for “completely consumes”?

ice house, eskimo, inuit home, snow fort

Do you have any idea how challenging it is to get crime scene tape to stick to snow?

I predict my novel will be a world-wide sensation, being translated into every language imaginable – even Swedish! It will be so insanely popular, people will beg for more. Yes, a sequel. I’ve already come up with the title. It’s going to be The Girl Who Played Pinocle But Never Won A Single Game. I know, right?

It’s only a matter of time until this turns into a trilogy.

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