A Stranger (Day 8)

Welcome to 30 days of Hell Photographs II. Only 22 more freakin’ days left. Not that we’re counting or desperately praying for death or anything. Click to see the most ridiculous list of themes.

And here are all the other people participating in this insanity challenge: Ziva, MikeWJ, Mo, Meleah nonamedufus, Unfinished Person, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A, Kristen , Cheryl, Katherine, and 00Dozo.


Nicky – This was the only stranger I could find who agreed to let me take their picture and post it to the Internet. His name is Donald.

duck, mallard, lake


Mike – As is tradition, I got drunk with my family. I don’t recognize them or myself.

Head, shadow



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  • Starting to regret joining us, huh?? 😉

    Nicky, I love Donald. I hope he let you take two photos of him, cause you know you can’t use the same photo twice in the same challenge, right? And if I remember correctly, Bird is number 20 on the most ridiculous list of themes… 😉

    Mike, you’re quite the mystery man. Next time you don’t recognize yourself, try a mirror.

  • I feel your pain. It’s as though I’m on some interwebs death march and 22 days seems an eternity. I’ve begun to ponder the wisdom of taking screen shots of any damn thing that comes close to the prompts. Screen shots are photos after a fashion, right?

  • Mike, Donald looks quite easy to get along with.  Nice pic. As far as taking pictures of strangers.  The best approach is  1. Don’t ask permission.  2.  Run like hell.

    Nicky, I think I would love your family.  Are they fun drunks or mean drunks, ….or the hangy, propping themself up on you kinda drunks?   Remember aspirin and water are your friends.

  • Nicky: Who said we had to have the stranger’s agreement? 🙂

    Mike: What tradition? Every weekend? Every day or just on Easter? I’m confused. What stage of alcoholics are you and your family? 😉

  • That Donald is the finest strange duck I’ve ever seen in a photo.  You win, my darling!

    Mike, I love your interpretations.  You are so out of the box!  I adore that about you!

  • Nicky – Love the duck, but he’s no longer a stranger is you are on a first name basis.
    Mike- Just how did that Photo come about? It is really cool!!

  •  Cheryl, your cute little piggy is too adorable with that sign and I appreciate the time you spent making him for us so much, I’m going to forgive you for getting us backwards! Mike is the one with the family of drunks. I’m the one whose best friend is now a duck named Donald. Happy Easter to you, my dear, and I hope you are enjoying the day with those gorgeous grandbabies of yours 🙂

  • Lemmikki, I’m beginning to think no amount of awkward banana is going to help. But I also think you should do your damnedest to prove me wrong.

  • Cheryl, I seriously considered having Google provide the photo for today’s theme. I’d ask who the hell came up with A Stranger, but I have a sinking feeling it might have been me!

  •  Nobody, really. Except the law. And the people who had me arrested. Too bad there wasn’t a theme called “Bail Hearing”. I’d have a mug shot for that one.

  •  Yes, and he was a lot less annoying than that Afflac duck. Thanks, hon!

  • True. Ok. I’ll concede so you can win this one today. 🙂

  • If it walks like a duck… I like this picture. Ducks are interlopers every spring aren’t they? Is this one the ugly duckling?


  • Mike: I think I must have had a little of what you were having. Good luck tomorrow.

  • Clearly, I am the drunk one among us!!!!  I instantly jumped to that conclusion after our recent discussion of your family being whackjobs.  (still loving that word by the way)  So…I am straight now, your family is whackjobs and Mike’s family is drunks. 
    I will pay closer attention in the future when I am not high on Cream Cheese frosting and carrot cake.

    I am having a very nice day, hope you and your family are as well.

    Cheryl P.

  •  Ohh, I’ll be right there and I’m bringing a whole lot of awkward banana. Are you ready for me? 😉

  • I want to win everyday.

  • Nicky:  How ducky!  I like your approach since the theme didn’t specify that it had to be a human.  You could also think of it this way:  A once pregnant woman can finally see her feet again and remark, “Well, hello strangers”.

    Mike:  You’ve become a mere shadow of your former self but I’d recognize those ears anywhere (um, unless that’s a shot of Will Smith).  Heh, heh.


  • HA HA HA HA HA It took me a minute… “DONALD!”  LOLOLOL!

    I know how you feel… I love this… but posting every day is a CHALLENGE… and I didn’t get a stranger picture yesterday, so I had to wing it… oh wait, you winged it too!  LOL!

  •  Or would that be WUNG it?

  • I’m not sure who I like more, the shadow or the duck. To be honest I’m not sure who I fear more.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Duck, it’s the Shadow!

    Mike, I’d really like to know more about your family tradition. And to be a part of your family.

    Nicky, surely you could’ve slipped on a pair of those infamous heels you own and coerced some young fellow into letting you take his picture? Not that I don’t like the duck, of course.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    The duck, of course. The shadow is scary. You’re forewarned. The duck is cute. Your eyes are gone before you can blink.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    See, we warned you this would be hard. Almost impossible, in fact. I’m at a loss for tomorrow’s photo myself.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Please tell me.

  • I could have. But I didn’t.

  • Well, if I were you, I would go with the duck. The duck isn’t hungover and therefore less likely to puke on you.

  • Thanks. I had to drive back home from Toronto today and I was squinting the entire time.

  •  I’m kinda 2 dimensional that way 🙂

  • Trust me. I didn’t think too hard about this. I really just took a picture of the wall.

  •  If only you could figure out how to take a picture of a photo challenge… you’d win for sure.

  • Those placards are getting better and better 🙂

  • I can’t remember now, but I think the thought of looking in a mirror last night was just too painful.

  •  I admit, this one really stumped me. In the end, I used a photograph I had just taken for the heck of it and that I hadn’t intended to use for any of the themes. I guess I did wung it 🙂

  • Thanks Dozo although my approach was more borne of desperation than intention. I really had a tough time with this one.

  • Do ducks hibernate? I honestly have no idea what happens to them in the winter, but they do come out in full force in the spring. We live very close to the river and often walk down to feed them. This one was actually quite handsome.

  •  Please tell you what?

  • You two crack me up! I love them both – TIE!

  • I get drunk with my inlaws.  Makes us all more fun.  Sadly, I still remember who they are.

  • Nicky – awww. Donald is adorbz

    Mike- ahahahha! Shadows rock for this theme!


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