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Architecture (Day2)

We are participating in a crazy photoblogging series. Here are all the other people participating in this little meme: Ziva, MikeWJ, Mo, Meleah, John – aka nonamedufus, Bryan – aka Unfinished Person, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A, Kristen , Cheryl and 00Dozo.  Go check them out and let them know that we win. 🙂


Mike: It wasn’t my first computer, but it was my first server which became the backbone and framework for my first home network where I could play Systems Architect without getting fired for breaking the Internet. Oh, the times we had together: Late nights installing Linux, and then breaking the installation just so I could learn something by fixing it.

I think the architecture of the motherboard is about 10 years old and that’s ancient in todays terms. When I opened it up to take the picture, I caught the lingering odor of burnt electronics. I can’t remember if something actually burnt out or not, but I do know that the machine reached the end of its useful life.

It’s easy to imagine a motherboard as a cityscape. The printed copper wires can easily pass for highways carrying information between clusters of capacitor towers and resistors, while all that chaos is controlled by the CPU. I guess that’s where the Mayor lives.

If you squint your eyes just right, you might even see a Starbucks down there.




Nicky – There’s a creepy house in every neighbourhood. Ours is around the corner from us. You can only catch a glimpse of it from the street. I freely admit to snapping this photograph quickly and then walking briskly away while continuously looking back over my shoulder. I did not linger, I did not try different angles or settings on my camera. I did not wait to see the dark figure at the window. I pointed, I clicked, I got the hell out of there. Is it just me, or does it look like someone is pulling at the curtains of the window on the left? I wonder if there is a Creepy House 101 class that all architects are required to take. How else do you explain this Flowers In The Attic type architecture?

creepy house, haunted house


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  • Love the first photo! Great one for architecture and I think I can see lots of tiny people moving around down there, or is it just dust?

    Oh my! Something IS holding back that curtain! It looks lived in so I wonder who would want to live in a house like that?

  • The Mayor does live in the CPU, everyone knows that but it is nice to hear it said. I can relate to “Late nights installing Linux, and then breaking the installation just so I could learn something by fixing it.” more than anything. 🙂

  • Mike, you’re a geek! But that’s an amazing pic. At first glance I thought it was a blimp shot of downtown Montreal. Nicky, you’re no geek and I love that house, pulled curtain and all.

  • Mike:  It does look like a little city.  Where is the jail?  This is what I know about motherboards…when the geeks can’t figure why my computers are misbehaving, they blame the motherboard.  It is always the scapegoat.  Normally my computers are under warranty, so I personally don’t give a crap if they put a new one in but several times the replacement of the MB didn’t solve the problem.  The last go round, the real fix was the battery needed replaced.  Although the computer was nearly new the battery   had a defect.  I am quite envious that you know this type of architecture.
    Really, is there anything cooler than someone that uses Linux, network, motherboard, and installation in the same post?

    Nicky:  You are spot on….Creepy, indeed.  The architect was a serial killer and child abuser, I am sure.
    I worry for your safety. 

    Still cheering for team WWFC…shaking my pom poms for you.

  • Mike,if this weren’t so geeky, it would be amazingly creative.. Do you think I could find a bar down there?

    Nicky, honey, you realize you were THIS close to being taken by the crazy neighbour who was clearly watching you, right?? They were probably going to eat your liver for breakfast. Thank god you made it out of there alive, and with a pretty photo, too!

  • Mike for half a second I thought I was looking down on a city.  Great idea!  Nikki, you cross the street when you walk by that place don’t you?

  • Mike and Nicky: Very nicely done as one of you shows the old and one of you, the new. A nice counterpoint to each other.

  • Mike – Very creative interpretation even though there is no cat to be seen in the computer – but probably some cat hair, at least in the fan!

    Nicky – That’s the kind of house to hit on Halloween because all of the kids would be scared to go and they would give you LOTS of candy. Come here, little one and let me give you some candy! BWAHAHA!!!

  • MalisaHargrove

    Mike, I am absolutely fascinated with your city scape. I could stare at it for hours. Okay, maybe just long periods of minutes, but the point is that I love it! I think this is a brilliant use of the theme!

    Nicky, when I read your story about running away from the house while taking the picture, I got a funny mental picture. Remember The Ghost and Mr. Chicken? Enough said. Nice photo!

  • Mike, that photo is sheer genius!  But where’s the kitty?

    Nicky, what a cool house!  I would be out on the balcony calling you to come in for tea!  The house looks lovely to me, but then if you think it’s scary, we won’t buy it even if we win the lottery.    Oh wait, we didn’t win the lottery.

  • Mikewj

    Mike, your idea was so novel I’m declaring you the winner of this round without even having looked at all the other photographs. Pure genius, my friend, right down to comparing the view of the motherboard to an aerial shot of a city.

    Nicky, I’m positive somebody is staring at you out of that window on the left. And now that they know what you look like, it won’t be long before they figure out where you live, and then…..Uh, sleep well tonight, okay?

  • Mike – That IS totally-super-cool.

    Nicky – Wickedly creepy, indeed!

  • Thanks, Linda! Kitty was close by but once he sensed how dusty that thing was, made himself scarce.

  • Thanks, Meleah 🙂

  • You’re welcome!

  • Thanks, Mike. I initially took a picture of a building and when I came home to copy it to my laptop, I literally banged my foot on the old computer under my desk and decided to try something different. Moving forward though, I think I’ll get back to cats.

  • You know, Malisa, when I think about how many hours I’ve actually stared at motherboards for work, it kind of makes me want to run away screaming.

  • I thought about where the bar might be and decided that it would be in the memory slots, because that’s the place where memory goes bad.

    Ok, just out-geeked myself.

  • Yeah, I can be geeky at times. I do like the way the resistors came out. Like little parking lots. Thanks, D.

  • Yep, all that experimentation during that period actually led me to the job I have today, so losing sleep had its benefits 🙂

  • It’s definitely dust! There was alot of it (cough cough).

  • Actually, there was no cat hair. Just tons of dust! This computer pre-dates Dobson and his fur balls.

  • Hmm….good question. I suppose the jail would be next to the clock, since that’s where time is dictated. And yeah, it’s always the motherboards fault 🙂

  • Nicky, you’re out of your mind! Seriously crazed. You wouldn’t survive an hour in my little corner of the universe. More’s the pity. The only thing missing is a widow’s walk.

    Mike, I absolutely adore your interpretation of ‘architecture.’ It’s a stunner.

  • CheesyMike:  Absolutely brilliant!  I would have to say it’s the most original interpretation of today’s theme!  When I figured out what I was looking at, I immediately  thought of the CGI animated series, “Reboot”.  (Oh, gawd – I just think I outed myself as a geek.  Oh, who cares.  I loved this.)


    Nicky:  Even without your intro, that house has that creepy gingerbread look – you know, the one where the old witch says, “Please come in and I’ll cook you for dinner – ahem – I mean, I’ll cook dinner for you.”  Nice catch on the architecture, even though it seems a little out of place for Montreal.


  •  When I walk by that place?! Nora, sweetheart, I RUN by it!!

  •  Thank you Bryan!

  •  If you called me from that balcony, I would risk death and dismemberment to join you for tea. 🙂

  • That’s why I have Jepeto and 15 million kids. They’ll keep the creepy demonic serial killers busy while I escape.

  •  A widow’s walk? So appropriate!

  •  Thanks! And don’t tell anyone Dozo, but I don’t live in Montreal 🙂

  • OH NO!  I wanna do this too!  I won’t be ANY way near as creative as you though… AWESOME PIC!  I just asked if I can start late. I hope so!

  •  My dearest darling, Nicky,

    I would never allow you to risk hide nor hair on that perfect body for any reason.  I merely wish to worship at the altar that is Nicky with or without tea.,

  •  Yay! Glad to have you on board Katherine. Because crazery loves company and all that! 🙂

  • First of all, Mike, I can totally see this an an aerial view of a city scape — right down to all the parking lots filled with tiny cars.  What an interesting way to go with this.  I likey!

    Nicky, I do see the person behind the curtain!  I’ve always loved spooky places and you captured this one beautifully.   Fun photo!


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