Crowd (Day 24)

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And here is the cast of characters participating in this challenge: Ziva, MikeWJ, Mo, Meleah, nonamedufus, Unfinished Person, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A, Kristen , Cheryl, Katherine, and 00Dozo.





Nicky – I was very popular at the trade show I attended this past weekend. It’s amazing how people will behave when they know you work for a magazine and have a camera handy. Seems like everyone had nothing better to do than hang out in the exact spots where I was setting up to take some photos. I felt like I should walk around with a sign saying “Get a grip people! It’s not Vanity Fair!!” I did get lucky a couple of times when the crowd thinned out enough for me to take some decent shots. While far from the best, I really liked this one in particular.

trade show, conference, seminar, crowd of people


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  • Mike: I love a crowd of jelly beans.

    Nicky: I love a crowd of jelly beans.

  • Mike: Great idea for the theme, the photo looks so delicious, it kind of makes me want to lick the screen.. 😉

  • Hahahahahaha!

  • Me too.

  • After Dufus and Ziva chimed in, I’m almost speechless.

    Mike, are there any cinnamon flavored ones in there?

    Nicky, that really is a great shot. Not a soul is looking your way.

  • Mike: Oooh, those look scrumptious.

    Nicky: Ooooh, this is among your best photos for this meme so far. Great take.

  • Good morning Mike and Nicky…

    Very creative, Mike and a good photo as well.

    Nicky, See the trade show served an additional purpose other than work.  Good entry for the crowd theme.

    I have another crowd rooting for you.

  • Oh, she made it. As my Grade 12 English prof used to often say to me when I missed the start of class, “Ah, the late Ms. Nicky” (well not the Ms Nicky part). Hey, you’re an exhibitionist. It’s no wonder you got lucky. Too bad you had to go all the way to COU (centre of the universe) for it to happen.

  • Mike – I love this shot. I am a jelly bean fiend. Actually I’m an any kind of candy fiend.

    Nicky – That is a really cool shot. Almost makes up for the portrait of rocks. Did anyone hand out pharmaceuticals at the show? That might draw a big crowd.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I love the Jelly Belly assortment, Mike. Good candy, even if they were President Reagan’s favorites.

    And very cool  shot, Nicky. It’s also struck me as funny that some people will run from a camera, but most seem to want to have their picture taken. It’s flattering, I think, to get a little attention. This is a cool shot. I like the backlighting, which makes everybody seem a little mysterious.

  • Mike – dammit. Now I want candy!

  • Nicky – “It’s amazing how people will behave when they know you work for a magazine and have a camera handy.” AHahhahahahaha. And TRUE!

    I love this picture!

  • Mike, those look like “Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans”!  Great photo.  Wish I had some!

    Nicky, that is a nice shot of a trade show.  I used to like trade shows, but not when I had to stand at the booth for hours.  I liked grabbing the “Swag” from everybody else.

  • Nicky, my love, this is a wonderful photo. I love the silhouettes against the bright light, it sets the entire mood of the shot. If I didn’t like using my whip so much, I’d almost let you get away with being late. 😉

  • Nicky I have to say it is ever so slightly gloomy, or maybe just suspicious, in a very cool way that is, I like it a lot.

    Mike I’m a little bit dazzled if I’m to be honest.

  • Mike – Cool jelly beans, although a few do look like bird eggs. 😉

    Nicky- nice shot of the crowd.  Was it really as dim as it looked?

  • Thanks, Linda! It was a little dim, but not as dim as it looks in this picture. I deliberately left the flash off and adjusted the settings a little so the booth lights would stand out more.

  • Mad Dog, I have to say in an ever so happy, not at all suspicious and very cool way – thank you for that roundabout compliment! 🙂

  • Ah, Ziva. Thank you for coming back to look at my picture. And for bringing your whip. Especially for bringing your whip. I’m a very, very bad girl 🙂

  • Thanks, hon! I like trade shows, like meeting people and seeing new things but you’re right, the swag is the best!

  • Seriously, you would think I was working for Time or something, the way people would ask “Oh, you’re with the magazine?” and then plant themselves directly in front of me, trying to look all nonchalant!! Hysterical!


  • Thanks Michael! For once the picture actually came out the way I wanted it to!
    Honestly, I think most people are hoping they’ll get their 15 minutes of fame. I ended up having to hang out for a while, taking several shots before people finally left. I think they figured by the 50th photo that they were guaranteed to be “famous”.

  • Thanks, LM, but c’mon! The rocks weren’t so bad… ok, never mind! No, no pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately. It might have drawn a big crowd, but it also might have made it much more entertaining! 🙂

  •  Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl! Where do I start? First, thank you. Second, I can’t believe you even managed to have the orange one holding a picture of jelly beans and the red one holding the sign with WWFC!! You’re fabulous.

  •  One of my best? Really? Not better than the vagina-tree, right? 🙂

    Thanks UP!

  •  Thanks, Cheryl. And it only took 50 shots before they stopped paying attention to me! 🙂

  • Yes, I would have been a little concerned if she’d called you Ms. Nicky. That would have been… odd. 🙂

    Yeah, COU is actually pretty lame. I looked all over for Whitey and couldn’t find him anywhere. I was pretty disappointed.

  • That had occurred to me. I’m usually the one trying to find a place to hide when a camera shows up to the party.

  • Thank you, Cheryl, and thanks for yet another amazing graphic!

  • Yeah, those spotted ones. Thankfully, they taste nothing like bird eggs 🙂

  • If that’s the case, then my plan worked 🙂

  • That’s exactly what they are, Linda 🙂 My boss puts out a bowl every so often and they’re extremely hard to resist, as you know.

  •  I loved the pina colada, and the coconut.  I don’t get them anymore but they made work a bit more worthwhile!

  •  I just hated “manning” the booth.  But I liked the hanging out aspect and all my friends coming to see me.

  • CheesyMike:  I’m not a fan of jellybeans, really – more of a gummy-candy type fan.  But what I noticed at first glance of your photo is that it reminded me of polished pebbles.  Years ago they had this novelty hobby kit (I wouldn’t call it a ‘toy’), where you could polish stones/pebbles/broken glass in this little machine.  The only problem was the noise it constantly made in order to do so (you had to run it for days).  But jelly beans are definitely easier.  Good pic, too!  I find it really hard to focus that close up – you have a really good eye for it.

    Nicky:  You really caught that “ambiance” of the trade show (how can I say this nicely) “sheep”(?)  I’ve been to a few trade shows – always hated that glaring overhead lighting – but it seems you were set up in the low-lit “subliminal corner” of the venue where one would find pharmaceuticals and advertising booths together (they go hand-in-hand after all).   Seriously, a really good shot!

  • 🙂

  • Jelly Belly’s website has a color chart, which is horrible, because it makes you want to try every flavor just to see how accurate they are.

  • I’m not a huge candy fiend, but yeah, I can’t stop when it comes to these.

  • They do and they were and sadly, they’re all gone. All of em.

  • Yep. Those would be the red ones 🙂

  • Well don’t do that, you might get a shock.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    *pulls up a chair and gets comfortable*

  • Comedy!

  • Thanks Dozo!

  • Mike, how have you not eaten those?  Are they left from Easter?!?  You’re restraint amazes me if they are.  Nicky, way to put your priorities in order.  Photo meme more important than work!  😉


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