Fear (Day 12)

Welcome to 30 days of lunacy Photographs II. Only 18 more freakin’ days left. Click to see why we take medication the list of themes.

And here are all the other whackjobs people participating in this cruel and unusual punishment challenge: Ziva, MikeWJ, Mo, Meleah, nonamedufus, Unfinished Person, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A, Kristen , Cheryl, Katherine, and 00Dozo.

Mike – I went down to the waterfront again and spotted these circus tents. I crossed the tracks to get a closer look and took out my camera when I got a very strong feeling that I was alone. It was cold and blustery and I could hear bits of voices in the wind, or maybe from unseen workers nearby. I decided against taking a picture because that would leave me vulnerable and tents have clowns in them and clowns…well….fuck clowns. Better take the photo from further away and get out of here.

circus tentsto


Nicky – I’m not afraid of spiders, or snakes, or things that go bump in the night. Most of my fears are intangible and therefore a little hard to take a picture of. But there is one thing I fear that is tangible. When I see it, there’s a chill that goes through me and I automatically start counting backwards and calculating. A mantra begins to repeat itself in my head.

pregnancy test, clearblue easy

You got your tubes tied. You can't be pregnant. You got your tubes tied. You can't be pregnant. You got your tubes tied. You can't be pregnant.

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  • I suppose that in the terryfing case that you both encountered a  clown wielding a conception indicator, who would be most terrified?!

  • Mike, I think you need to up your meds.

    Nicky! You’re the first person I’ve run into that doesn’t fear the tangibles. I don’t even fear this. I am pretty sure I’m going to lose my mind before this thing ends. That’s a bit worrisome.

  • Mike, I get a very Twilight Zone vibe from that photo.

    Nicky, I am afraid of spiders and things that go bump in the night, but not snakes.

  • Mike  – I love the photo – especially that it is at night with all of the lights. Now, I have no fear of clowns, having married one. No really, he went to clown school…

    Nicky- I think all women have a fear of those things. I was always mostly afraid that I would pee all over my hand and miss the stick.

  • Mike, circuses and little things with screaming kids, clowns and rides scare me too.  Nicky, you cannot be pregnant.  But that is a scary thought I agree.  I can’t be either, but I still worry.

  • Mike – Oh I can’t with clowns!

    Nicky – AHAHahhaHHAHA! That made me laugh, out loud, for real!


  • You might be getting two comments today…I sent one that promptly disappeared…scary huh?

    As I was saying…Mike, I think that is frightening…creepy clowns can be scary for sure, but have you seen some of the freeks that work at a circus??? I wouldn’t go in the middle of the day, let alone at night.

    Nicky,  from a person that had to have a second tubal thanks to the BAD doctor that forgot to do one of my tubes…never say never…wouldn’t you like another little bundle of fun??? 

    My picture today could cover both of your fears in one step.

  • Mike, dammit! Now I’m going to be having nightmares about clowns.

    Nicky, you’re hilarious! How about when we finally elope, I deal with the  pregnancies and you take care of the spiders, okay?


  • Mike: If you’re near a circus and a car stops, don’t get in. There’s already 14 fuckin’ clowns in there.

    Nicky: Are congratulations in order? Over 99% accurate? Um, would that be 100%? Like, why don’t they say so?

  • Yes, Dufus. You can congratulate me on not being pregnant. That’s always a cause for celebration 🙂

  • Lemmikki, I promise not to get you pregnant when we run away together! It’ll be part of our vows, along with my promise to deal with spiders.

  • OMG! Cheryl, that is the best freaking picture yet!! And um, none of my other bundles were fun, why would the next one be any different! 😉

  • I knew I wasn’t alone Nora. 🙂

  • Everybody kept telling me after I had Max that my next one would be a girl. I kept saying that with my luck, it would be twin boys!! So yeah, the idea of being pregnant AGAIN scares the bejeezus out of me!  🙂

  • Congratulations on dodging the bullet, in a manner of speaking.

  • I will NEVER have another baby!
    So I can absolutely relate to this one.

  •  I’ll drink to that!

  • I’m actually looking forward to menopause. That should help quell my fear a little 🙂

  •  Ewwww! I never thought of that… until now! Thanks 🙂

  • Sure you’re not afraid of snakes. I bet you’re not afraid of pregnancy tests either. 🙂

  • Actually, I’m pretty sure losing my mind at this point could only help. 🙂

  • I’m guessing Mike. My mantra usually helps calm me down. I don’t think he’s got a mantra for clowns.

  • Mike:  I wonder why people are afraid of clowns.  I don’t like them much (as a form of entertainment) but I don’t understand the fear.

    Nicky:  When the little red wheels are gone, you may wish they hadn’t been tied – JOKE!

  • Babs, while that will be a sad day, indeed, it will NOT be sad enough to make me wish that!! 🙂

  • CheesyMike:  Clowns?  Oh, no!  Run away!  Run away!  And thank-you-(NOT)- so-very much for instilling the fear of having clownish nightmares tonight.  Wait, that didn’t sound right … 


    Nicky:  That’s scarier than CheesyMikes clowns.  A creative visual for an intangible fear.


  • Winner today? Nicky. Sorry Mike, not to make light of clown phobias – but the pregnancy test takes the cake.

  • Thanks, Cheryl! If you’ve been wondering why it’s taken me so long to reply to comments today, this is why. 

    (Seriously though, it’s awesome. And horrible)

  • Thanks, LM, although I’m not fond of the shot at all. It’s rushed and too dark. The real fear was being there to take it. I don’t think that translated well to the photo.

  • Probably. I’ll call my shrink first thing in the AM.

  • I don’t know what’s worse. Nightmares about clowns or this non-contest contest.

  • It’s sort of the way i don’t like masks because I can’t read expressions. And clowns do unexpected things. Which only they and people who like clowns think are funny. They suck.

  • Sure I do. It’s “fuck you, clown!”

  • No worries, Kristen. It’s a non-competition after all. And screaming babies are scarier than laughing clowns by a mile.

  • Clownish nightmares almost sound non-threatening. Almost.

  • Yes, I get that Mike. I have never seen them as funny, not even as a child. I still don’t like slap stick comedy.


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