Lines (Day 29)

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Mike -Fools. Waiting in line on a Saturday night for a smoked meat sandwich. I’ll admit that it’s pretty good, and I’ll grudgingly wait in such a line for a special occasion. Like, if a friend from out of town wanted to go. Or if say, my cousin wanted to go like that time last year when we went and she suddenly dropped that bombshell on me claiming that she didn’t have any cash on her and I was stuck with the bill! I swear.

Anyway, the experience is worth it. As a local…not so much due to the hassle of waiting in line. And I hate lines: Bank lines, post office lines, and especially restaurant lines. Being in line is bad enough, and if you’re in a restaurant line, there’s a pretty good chance that while you’re waiting, you’re also dying of hunger. Yes. Dying of it.

Lines suck*.

*Line ups for concerts and things that I like are perfectly acceptable.

line-up at schwartzs


Nicky –

crossword puzzle, new york times crossword puzzle, across, down, crossword clues

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