Something I Hate (Day 9)

Yup. It’s still 30 days of Photographs II. There are 21 more days left. Twenty-one long and painful days. Click to enter the seventh circle of Hell see the  list of themes.

We blame these two: Ziva, MikeWJ And here are the other brave souls that got roped into this madness: Mo, Meleah nonamedufus, Unfinished Person, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A, Kristen , Cheryl, Katherine, and 00Dozo.

Nicky – I don’t really hate people, but I hate people. Know what I mean? People do all kinds of stupid things that make me insane. Like my neighbours, for example. Because they used to own a delivery company, they had a lot of trucks. Because they had a lot of trucks, most of their property is paved so they could park the trucks on their lot. They retired before I even bought my house, so no more company, no more trucks. Their lot is still mostly paved, though.

So far, nothing to get worked up about, right?


They wash the freaking driveway all the time. I don’t mean they hose it down every now and again. I mean they WASH it. All. The. Time.

And it’s big enough to park several trucks on.

Spray. Broom. Hose. It takes hours.

It makes me insane. It’s a DRIVEWAY!! You are wasting gallons and gallons of water EVERY DAMN WEEK TO WASH A DRIVEWAY!! A place to park a car. A place where NOTHING will grow. A DRIVEWAY!! GAH!

woman, broom, driveway

Mike – I cannot stand when my sock gets stuck between my toes. So annoying!

sock stuck between toe

I hate this!

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  • Nicky, WTF? People are idiots.

    Mike, WTF? When would that ever happen??

  • Both of these are, um, equally awful. Equally.

  • Nicky: I hate people too…:)

    Mike: I can relate. Happens all the time (that for Ziva).

  • I say the phrase, “I hate people” more than any other and for the exact same reasons as you do.  They do stupid annoying things.  I hate socks.  Ok, not really.

  • The 30 day groupie is here…with not one but two comments today..
    Nicky…hopefully, I have it right today as to whos pictures are whos.  The foot doesn’t look like it would fit into high heels….well and look good and girly anyway.
    Your neighbors seemingly don’t have a life but I think that at least they aren’t using power equipment are they??? No pressure washers???  If not…I will trade you neighbors.

    (I had a picture for you this morning but it won’t load) Damn, disqus!

  • Hi Mike,  I think we all agree that doesn’t look comfortable. 

  • Nicky – It’s a clean driveway, at least. I just got rid of my “drive you crazy” neighbors. It’s safe to say that the “hate” was mutual. We hated them because they were rude and ignorant and they hated us because we were right.

    Mike – Are you one of those “my socks can’t have seams” people too?

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Nicky, I hate people, too. I mean, I like people, people can be fun, but mostly they’re a royal pain in the ass, you know? When I reflect on the events of my life, I realize that almost everything  really hurtful and bad that ever happened to me involved people, starting with a girl named Rhonda in the sixth grade who rejected me and lasting up until just a few minutes ago when my secretary made fun of me for being late to work. So yeah, I hate your fucking neighbor, too. For paving their yard, wasting water, and generally irritating you. Those hosers!

    Mike, my friend. I can totally relate to the pain and anxiety caused by your sock follies. Not only do my socks sometimes get stuck between my toes — and we appear to wear the same brand, by the way — they also occasionally develop holes allowing my big toe to pop out. I find this maddening in a way that I can’t even begin to describe. God bless you for bringing this matter to the world’s attention. Perhaps now, the Steve Jobs of socks can get to work designing socks that not only don’t get stuck between your toes, but also allow you to listen to music and watch videos.

  • Nicky – Oh man, how wasteful. That would make me rage too.

    Mike – ahahahahhahaha!

  • What stupid neighbors.  Why don’t you ask them to move?  Nothing would annoy me more than to have somebody over washing off a fucking driveway all the time.  Break up that concrete and plant a lawn, Fools!  Okay, I lied.  Something does annoy me more.  On both sides I have fanatic gardeners.  They (or their “day hires”) can be seen out on their knees pruning and plucking weeds from the gardens round the clock from March till November.  Is it any wonder that I toss snails and such over the fence into their perfect yards every chance I get.  I cannot afford to hire minions 4 days a week to pluck and prune my garden.  I’m a normal person who would rather spend my money on Silver Oak Cabs and high quality cheese.  Ugh!  Stupid people!

    Mike, are all of your toes actually separated?  Are there a couple that are stuck together?  This actually concerns me, Honey.  I have been known to have a wedgie or two in my life, but never with my toes.  If the toes are adhered together, surely a simple surgical procedure could right that pretty easily.  Toe wedgies are no laughing matter.  For a man such as yourself who has those wonderful muscular legs, I just want you to have normal toes at the end of those mighty stems.  Know what I mean?

  • Nicky: Isn’t there some kind of by-law that prohibits people from washing their driveways? We have one here, although it doesn’t affect us because we’re on a well. We’d never waste well water washing our driveways. There’s something anal about people who wash their driveways, don’t you think?.

    Mike: Oh my God you have two big toes on your right foot. I’m so sorry. 

  • It is indeed prohibited to clean your parking area with a hose. Between May 15 and September 15. Until then, I can’t call the city on them. I’m checking off the days on the calendar, trust me! Oh, there’s something anal about these people but I’m too polite to say more. 🙂

  • Hon, just a week ago they put up a for sale sign. You have no idea how happy that made me!! Now I only hope the place sells quickly and that the new neighbours are less stupid!

  • They actually do a number of stupid things, but this is by far the thing that makes me the craziest!

  • You know what’s wrong with this world? People. They suck. Especially when they live near me. Or work near me. Or exist near me. Sigh. Thank you for your support. I think you should “make fun” of your secretary by firing her. That’ll shut her up.

  • I guess I’m lucky that we really don’t have any rude and ignorant
    neighbours. I’d be much luckier if we didn’t have any neighbours at all,
    though. They’re trying to sell their house, so hopefully I’ll get rid of them soon. Then there will only be the other dozen or so neighbours around me to go.

  •  Awww, stupid Disqus! I love my daily pictures… they’re the best part of this challenge!

    Sure, I’ll trade neighbours with you. And by that I mean, I’ll send you mine and you keep yours. Fair, right? 🙂

  • I never realized how often I said it until about a dozen years ago, when my then-3 year old son told me he didn’t want to say hello to someone we ran into because, just like Mommy, he didn’t like people.

  • Probably explains why so many of my friends are virtual 🙂

  • The only thing worse, really, would be if our respective socks got stuck in our toes WHILE our respective neighbours washed their driveways. I’m fairly certain that’s what Hell is.

  • People are idiots. Truer words have never been spoken!

  • And rightfully so!

  • That can’t be right. I’m sure Hell would involve small yappy dogs.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I would, but she’s a government worker. I couldn’t fire her if she molested little boys, which I’m sure she doesn’t. Pretty sure, anyway.

    And yeah, people.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Come on, Nicky, you know the new neighbors will probably be worse. They’ll drop by with casseroles, and invite you and Jepeto over for wine, and then just you because Jepeto is Jepeto, and pretty soon you’ll be forced to consider moving or killing yourself or killing them.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Since when were you polite? Are you you’re still Nicky? Nicky of the awkward banana?

  •  But of course. The awkward banana is extremely polite.

  • You really underestimate just how much of a deterrent Jepeto is, don’t you? I predict they will learn of Jepeto from the other neighbours before they even have a chance to unpack the casserole dish and then they will avoid us like the plague. Which suits me fine. Why else do you think I keep the boy around?

  • The big toe coming out of a sock (especially while wearing shoes) is highly annoying. In fact that’s what they make you wear in hell: Ripped socks and tight shoes.

  • 100%. If I feel a seam in a sock I will lose my mind.

  • Oh that’s just nightmarish!

  • It happens all the time! I’ll be hanging around minding my own business when BANG: toe wedgie. It’s awful.

  • No no, I definitely have 5 independent toes. They’re most happy when they share the same space, but when that happens (like in the photo), I lose my mind. I truly hate that feeling.

  • Nicky, I’m surprised my grandmother never thought of this. I’d sit her down, explain the issues around preservation of natural resources, then knock her over. She can’t possibly wash a driveway with a broken hip or knee, right?

    Mike, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • Nicky:  Are you sure the purpose of their paving the yard was merely for parking purposes?  Maybe they have bodies buried under there and the parking lot is just a ruse.  Well, hopefully the new owners won’t have their own fleet of business vehicles (or bodies to bury).


    CheesyMike:  I guess I can’t interest you in a pair of toe socks then, eh?


  • Laughingmom

    You are a brave soul to post a picture of your camel toe on-line.

  • Oh my gosh these are HYSTERICAL!!!!  I love the washing thing… oh I hope your neighbors read this blog!!!!!!  And the toes…. I only have that problem with my underwear… not the toes.

  • Toe socks are the devil’s invention. Not surprisingly, Nicky has a pair.


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