The Devil (Day 30)

Welcome to 30 days of Photographs II. And….we made it! Yay! It’soverit’soverit’soverit’sover!!!!!! Click to see the list of themes. Or don’t. Whatever. We don’t care because it’soverit’soverit’sOVER!!!!

And here are the others who are also doing a dance of joy today: Ziva, MikeWJ, Mo, Meleah, nonamedufus, Unfinished Person, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A, Kristen , Cheryl, Katherine, and 00Dozo.


Mike – The Devil probably plays a lute and it’s horribly out of tune. He’s learning Smoke on the Water, but hasn’t quite got the timing right. Your fate is to listen to that. Forever.

Or maybe you’re destined to do 30 day photo challenges.

Every 30 days.

And the theme is always Outlier.

(Is this thing really over?)

the devil playing a lute

Nicky – I read a Facebook thread last week where someone made the point that the Devil is not really evil. The argument was basically that the Devil isn’t tempting humankind into a life of sin, but rather trying to get humankind to think for themselves instead of blindly following God. Some might consider that idea blasphemy. We’re supposed to have faith in God. Unconditional faith. And we’re supposed to follow his words. Unconditionally.

To me, that smacks of God telling mankind “Do as I say, not as I do.” And I’ve never been very good at that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing God. I am as He made me, though, and He made me unable to follow directions and question authority. Even the ultimate authority.

Which is why I like the idea of the Devil not really being evil, just someone who challenges us to think.

Which got me to thinking about this challenge. And how it has made me look at the world a little differently. And how it has made me look at myself a little differently. And then I wondered if maybe the Devil didn’t have something to do with this photo extravaganza.

I went over the list of themes. I could definitely see his hand at work with some of them. I mean, seriously! 42? My toothbrush? Outlier?!?!

And then the realization hit me. Like 42 a ton of bricks. What do those ridiculous themes have in common?

skeleton, writing, dead man writing, quill, podium

My post alone is now over 250 words. The Devil made me do it.

In all seriousness, I would very much like to thank Ziva and MikeWJ for inviting us to play in this non-competition. And to all of the participants, I think you will all agree with me when I say:

I won. 🙂


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  • Gosh, you are making me blush… Hugs, back.  There is no question, however, that you could have done this challenge with one hand tied behind your back. Still it was fun for me to try to work a graphic  to tie in to the theme each day. Thanks for letting me participate albeit by stalkerism (if that’s not a word…it should be)

  • Why thank you Mike.  That was actually fun to try to come up with a graphic to tie in to the theme each day.  I think throwing some clipart together is probably easier than trying to figure out a photograph and actually taking a picture.  Thanks for letting me be the uninvited guest to the party.  You guys were really nice to not ask me to leave.

  • So that’s what I have to do to get visitors to my blog? 😉

  • Well, it’s definitely one way!

  • I see a looong Skype session in your future, Nicky.

  • TOTES!

  • 🙂

  • MalisaHargrove

    Mike, your photo is totally kick ass! I love it! Tell me about this devil. It is rather enchanting…as is the lighting. Wonderful photo!

    Nicky, I am not going to agree with you about the devil or God. In fact, I am not going to stand close to you in a lightning storm. However, I totally agree that the devil transported himself through Mike on those three topics!

    It has been so neat meeting you two. I hope we can stay in touch until the next 30 Days rolls around!

  • We’ve also enjoyed getting to know you, Malisa! And have no fear, we’ll be staying in touch regularly… especially during lightning storms! 🙂

  • Thanks, Malisa. This devil came from the antique store that my grandfather ran many years ago. I was told that it was part of a larger set, so who knows, there may be a whole orchestra of these guys out there somewhere.

  • Thanks Mike, as you can see I’ve been practicing with flashlights. Thanks for the tip 🙂


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