30 Days of Photographs II – The Rejects

Mike – Ok, maybe “Rejects” sounds a little harsh, but that’s what they were. Some more than others. Seriously, some were awful. You’ll see.

empanadas pleasure

Pleasure: This local place makes delicious empanadas. I didn't like the glare, so I chose to spotlight my guitar (which I'll choose over food anyday)

the creeping fear

Fear: My lame attempt at creating a creepy scene. There's this wall panel in our bike locker at the office, so I carefully placed my mitt and just started laughing because it looked so comical.

Sewer Fear

Fear again. I had a lot of trouble with this theme and biked around until late in the night taking pictures of "creepy" things. This reminded me of Stephen King's "It". In hindsight, I probably should have gone with this one in the end.

Place d'Armes Maisonneuve monument

Same night that I tried to take pictures of "Fear". The newly renovated Maisonneuve monument is pretty cool, but not very scary.


Fish Tales and Cat Tails

From Fish Tales: Dobson wants to be in every picture. Always.

Parc Jeanne Mance Wood

Wood: I ended up pointing my phone up towards the sky and shot like that instead.

Telecaster Mirror

Mirror: I liked this but I decided not to use my guitar twice, although I probably could have done 30 days of guitars....hmmm...

Outlier failing miserably

Outlier: The idea was to have all these incense with the "outlier" over there on the right. There would be swirling smoke and a red hot ember. It looked awful and just failed miserably.

Nicky – Ok, maybe “Rejects” sounds a little harsh, but in fact, may actually be too kind a description. You’ll see.

Do you see a moon in this sky? Me neither. But there was one.

magnum condoms, condoms, warm sensations

This is what happens when you go for a walk with your 18 year old son to take pictures for a photo challenge. He held the list of prompts. We stopped at the pharmacy and he suggested I take a picture of condoms for the Pleaure theme. Do you know how people look at you when you take pictures of the boxes of condoms at the pharmacy?

fire, flames, fireplace, wood burning, hot

I took a picture of fire and then saw Max's face mesmerized by the flames and went with that instead.

waiting in line at the movie theatre

Back when I actually cared about who saw me taking pictures of everything like a maniac, I tried to take this picture of people waiting in line for popcorn at the movie theater without anyone noticing. Fail.

ruined shoes, mangled boots, high heels, ruined high heels, high heeled boots funeral

My cute little black boots died this year. I tried to take a picture of them at the funeral, but I was crying a lot and my hands shook and all of the pictures were blurry. Plus *sob* it was just too painful. I miss them so.




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  • Mike: My favourite is the swear grate. The first thing I thought of was the clown in the swear. And then you said you were going for something from It. Cool.

    Nicky: Mt favourite is the Fire pic. I can;t remember what photo you ran with but this one’s cool, er, hot.

  • Mike, I love both the photo of the grate and the guitar mirror shot, I’m really glad you posted them. Now for the real issue, you have incense? That’s… lovely. 😉

    Nicky, I LOVE that you and Jake were taking photos of condoms, people must have thought you were crazy. And that fire photo is absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  • Mike: That guitar photo is very cool, but I understand your reasoning for not going with it.

    Nicky: I can see why you went with the fire photo you did, but it’s neat to see the inspiration and how you got there.

  • What??? There is 31 days to a 30 day challenge??? I about missed that!  But, of course, I have to do a summary as well, don’t I?

    I must say some of the rejects are still pretty great (no pun intended) .  I think that grate is a cool pic and the fire is awesome.  I do understand why you picked the ones you did as  they fit the themes so well.

    I like the picture of the trees, Mike,  but the one you went with was beautiful. 

    Nicky that is funny that people don’t even notice you taking pictures at the movies but notice you taking pictures of condoms.  HHAA

    This really is the last day, right???

  • Yep. We are now OFFICIALLY done. And it’s hilarious when you integrate our actual photos into your clip art!

  •  Thanks, UP. Yep, it would have felt a little like overkill to use it twice.

  • Thing is, I hate the smoke that incense makes. I used to use it for whatever reason years and years ago, so I still have some lying around. Now, burning incense indoors kinda makes no sense.

  • Yep, the sewers in Old Montreal have that ‘classic’ look and reminded me of “It” immediately. It was a little too yellowy though.

  • John, she posted a picture of her little boy mesmerized by that very same fire. It was insanely beautiful.

  • Mike, I like all of your pictures. Not one is bad. I did, however, laugh maniacally when I saw the glove hanging out of the locker. You were right not to use that for Fear. It could have worked for Outlier. I can’t figure out which part of the guitar you photographed. It’s a nifty photo but I just can’t figure it out.

  • Nicky, holy shiitake! Sometimes tears stream down my face when I read what you’ve written. I think you’ve been the source of at least 50% of my laughing jags during April and now May.  I remember caring what people thought of me too. Now, I seriously couldn’t give a rat’s patoot.

    I love that your son suggested the condom shot & you actually took it. Your New Moon shot is by far the best I’ve seen in years. As for the little black boots, may they rest in peace. When you’re ready to move on, I know a woman who is a shoe-a-holic and knows all the best places to shop online and in stores. Let me know if you need help.

  • Thanks, Dufus, although I am a little hurt that my amazing photo of the invisible moon isn’t your favourite. Do you know how many people have tried to capture the invisible moon on film, only to be bitterly frustrated by its elusiveness? None!

  • Well, I’m sure the two of us giggling like a couple of teenage girls didn’t help! I couldn’t get a clear shot from shaking with laughter the whole time. Thanks, Lemmikki 🙂

  • Thanks, Bryan! I actually considered using my son’s picture for the Devil, but it turns out there are worse demons than him! 🙂

  • Actually, Cheryl, if you look at the movie theatre picture, you’ll see one guy laughing and kind of ducking behind his friend. He saw me and then pointed me out to everyone standing around him. Moronic does not even begin to describe how I felt!

    As for people noticing me taking pictures of the condoms, they couldn’t really NOT notice since Jake yelled out “Hey Mom! Come take a picture of the condoms for pleasure!!”

    So inconspicuous. Sigh.

  • Cheryl, at first I thought you were crying because of the heartbreaking and tragic death of my little black boots. Now I see it is because you were laughing at my pain. Sigh.


    Yeah, my son and I have the same twisted sense of humour.

  • ZAPPOS dot COM

    In case you’ve never had the pleasure.

  • Wait. Did you just pun Ziva? That dufus is rubbing off on all of us.

  • Everyone is doing these amazing “rejects” or after photos… fail on my part, I wrote and wrote and wrote!  These pix are GREAT.  The funeral… CLASSIC.  I DO remember the fire one – one of my favorite pix out of anyone’s…  Then the incense and the hand fail… LOVE those!

  • Cadeaux

    LMAO!  That “Fear” one with the glove has me laughing and laughing.  I can’t believe how incredibly “unscary” it looks.  I’d go and open the door and smack the guy with the glove just for looking so stupidly unscary.  I mean, there is absolutely no scary in that photo.  Sorry.  That is just too funny.  I love it.  🙂

  • Cadeaux

    Yeah…she’s got a point.  It’s especially hard to get it in focus.

  • Unfortunately, they don’t deliver to Canada. Or they didn’t when I checked them out. I’ll have to check again and see if that’s changed!

  • CheesyMike:  Hahahah!  Yes, the glove “Fear” really cracked me up too – there’s no way in hell could that even be scary in the slightest.  To me, it looks like something trying desperately to grab the broom(?) in the corner to clean up it’s little cubby hole.  Otherwise, the photos themselves are pretty good photographically, even if they didn’t fit the themes.   😉

    Nicky:  Peter Pan Get Away Boots!!  Love ’em!  Awww  – sorry they’ve bit the biscuit.  I have a pair a little similar, but with low heels.  Still have them, but haven’t worn them in years.  Maybe you can get them repaired?  Ooooh, nice new moon in blue sky shot!   And I’m kinda glad I didn’t run around town looking for things to take photos of.  Condoms?   Bahahaha!    😉

  • Thanks, and yeah, I had to include the poorly placed glove photo. It’s just so ridiculous 🙂

    If you look at the center-right of the guitar photo, you can see the neck and fretboard. I kind of like how mirrors create that illusion and disorientation.

  •  Yep, the staging on that one did not work out in the least 🙂

  • It does kind of look like it’s lazily trying for the broom 🙂 It validates just how hilariously lame the setup was.

  • Nicky, I cried at that dying boot shot, I really did 🙁

    Mike, you KNOW how to do creepy. Almost. The mitt out the drain may have worked. Actually, a doll’s limb poking out the drain would have been AMAZING. Wish I’d thought of that.

    In summary, I’ve loved coming here for your dual takes.

  • Ah! Got it. Thanks.

  • Well doesn’t that just suck.

  • I think you’re both really awesome for taking on this challenge and I bet it’s got you looking at and noticing all sorts of things in your every day lives with a new appreciation for their potential.  I do find it odd, though, that there was not one phone of a slice of Cotswold cheese.

  •  OMG Dozo! I haven’t thought of that name for boots in over 20 years! Hysterical. And  you’ve helped me laugh through my grief. Thank you. 🙂

  •  Thank you, Mo. For your condolences and for joining us during this challenge. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you!

  •  Thanks Jayne! Yes this really did make us look at things differently and for me, anyway, pay more attention to the little things. As for the Cotswold, it’s never around long enough to take a picture of!! 🙂


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