Ask And You Shall Receive

red shoes, high heels, style & co., stilettos

When I rule the world, every girl will own a pair of red sparkly shoes. Also, everyone gets cheese.

When I posted photos of my shoes a few weeks back, there were a couple of people who mentioned they would have preferred seeing my shoes with my feet actually in them.

Yes, we get all kinds here at We Work For Cheese.

And seeing as the people asking are my dearest blogging buddies – because there is most definitely a reason we get all kinds here at We Work For Cheese – I figured I would oblige their fetishes requests.

Plus, I’m really tired of waiting for my co-blogger Mike to write about his arugula and prosciutto sandwich.

So let me tell you instead about the latest loves of my life.

red shoes, high heels, platform shoes, open toe shoes, street society shoes

MikeWJ, stop trying to lick my toesies through the screen.

I’m not usually much of a floral-pattern kind of girl, but the mix of red, gray and black made it less Laura Ashley and more Bad Ass-y.

And speaking of bad ass, I also got these black suede babies.

high heels, platform shoes, black suede shoes, club couture shoes

Be honest now, do these look like the feet of a sweet person?

I was in Toronto this past Tuesday, covering an event for work. I wore the black shoes and several people complimented me on them. And on my ability to walk in them. The funniest thing, though, happened as I was leaving. I was waiting for the elevator, when I heard a man’s baritone voice say, “Great shoes.” I turned to see a janitor pushing a cleaning cart past me, staring admiringly at my feet.

Wait. Does that mean my shoes are trashy?

I hope so. That just makes me love them more. Even if they did do this to my poor feet:

blister on foot, toes, toenails, pink nail polish

What doesn't kill me makes me taller, right?




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