A Limerick For Cheese

I told Nicky that she was insane and that I’d play no part in 30 Days of Writing, a 30 day creative writing challenge. And yet here I am. Nicky’s still insane while I’m just plain stupid.

Today’s prompt is cheese. Here’s a limerick about it:

My fridge once stored mountains of cheese
But the cost made me fall to my knees
So I turned to the bottle
The culprit’s neck I shall throttle
And the crumbs left are simply a tease

(Yeah! 29 days to go!)

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  • There once was a blogger named Mike
    Who attempted his followers to spike
    With a cheesy-themed verse
    Folks had seen nothing worse
    They said next time write about your bike.

    Okay, okay, these limericks are hard. Well done, Mike!

  • Something tells me your comments are going to be full of limericks today.  I will apologize in advance. This is just one of the many reasons, I am not participaing in a writing challenge. Great start, Mike.

  • I got nothing with limericks. 

    But I will say, good job, fine sir, good job! 

  • You know, Mike, we expect you to be the smart one, we expect you to say NO when Nicky suggests stuff like this. But what are you doing? You’re sitting there, writing witty limericks and making this challenge seem easy. Great job, really.

  • My thoughts were to write a silly poem (I still might one day) but Limericks are harder, so well done 🙂

  • Now wait just a minute! You expect MIKE to be the smart one?! So, you don’t love me for my mind, is that what you’re saying?


  • Well done, my stupid friend. And I’m not insane. The doctor said I was just special.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    When does the litlte old lady from Nantuckett show up for her sandwich?

  • Nicely done! I think that this is the FIRST limerick I’ve ever read about cheese.

  • Honey,  I love this, but what about your cat?

  • There’s nothing like distaining a challenge and then coming back and KILLIN’ IT.
    Nice job.

  • Thank, Linda. Dobson’s actually playing outside at the moment, but I’ll be working him into the challenge in the near future!

  •  Thanks, GOuDa. I wish I could pull off 30 days of limericks and get this over with.

  • Usually sometime around noon.

  •  You mean “special”.

  •  Thanks, Babs. I have more trouble with poems myself.

  • Thanks, LM. There’s gotta be some out there! I did try to throw in some drinking, which limericks seem to revolve around traditionally.

  • Thanks Z. It wasn’t easy. I spent all day on that one. This challenge actually sucks.

  •  Thanks, P.J. and welcome to everyone’s nightmare 🙂

  •  Thanks, Cheryl! And Dobson’s around. He’s just been super busy lately but he’ll be making an appearance this month.

  • Thanks Dufus, and nice limerick. They’re fun but yeah, a little challenging. Ever see those limerick contests? Where people insult each other off-the cuff in limerick form? Impressive and usually hilarious.

  • Oh, God, no. Don’t even think it.

  • And by killing it, do you mean that as a good thing? 😉

  • Great limerick!  I was going to try to respond in kind but I suck at them, and at poetry, and at writing in general.  😉

  • Bravo!    Yes, the cost of cheese will bring one to their knees!

  • HA HA I LOVE IT!!!!


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