Let’s Just Call It “Sweden”

Welcome to day 26 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge we can quit at any time.  Our prompt today is “An intervention”, and we don’t have a problem. Don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge.

Let’s Just Call It “Sweden”

It’s funny how quickly it gets out of control. At first, it seems so harmless. Funny, even. And then it takes over, consumes everything until you don’t even recognize a person you’ve known forever.

dobson glass table

Even though he has a reflection, I’m not convinced he’s not evil.

Back in January, CheesyMike got a kitten.  In the beginning, it was really cute. CheesyMike would call me up and, amongst the talk of blogging, work, family, friends and zombies, he would share little anecdotes about Dobson’s adventures. You know, things like “Today, Dobson slept,” or “Today, Dobson swatted a piece of string”. Adorable.

In very little time, however, I noticed that Mike was spending less time talking about blogging, work, family, friends and zombies and more time talking about Dobson. Then he was only talking about Dobson. Then he was talking to Dobson. Then he was trying to get me to listen to Dobson.

On. The. Phone.

I admit, I was an enabler. For April Fool’s day, I suggested we change the name of the blog to We Werk For Cat. I even made up a banner with the new name printed out in cat paw letters:

Because we were also participating in a photo challenge that started on April 1st, I told him we should post cat pictures for the first theme, regardless of what it was. Mike was all for it.

What. A. Shock.

At a certain point, I stopped the enabling and started mocking him, hoping it would shame him into stopping. I had to. You see, Mike called me up one day and, to my surprise, wanted to talk about blogging. I was thrilled. Maybe, finally, he’d kicked the Dobson habit.

My joy was short-lived. He wanted to talk about blogging, alright. After a lot of hemming and hawing, he finally spit it out. I couldn’t believe my ears and made him say it three times. You see, he told me he’d started a new blog.

A. Cat. Blog.

He still had the good grace to be embarrassed by this. He didn’t want to tell anyone. It wasn’t going to affect WWFC, he promised. He would still post as sporadically as always. He could control it.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, he proved he couldn’t control it. Right here, at WWFC, Mike let everyone know about his cat blog, Whisker Patrol. *grimaces in distaste* I think MikeWJ said it best:

Oh. Dear. God.

I called CheesyMike up. I railed at him, I cried, I pleaded, I bribed. He asked me to hang on a second while he talked to Dobson. I gave up. I started talking to him about an article I’d read online and told him to bring it up on his computer. He told me he couldn’t. Dobson was sitting on the chair in front of the computer desk.

dobson office cat

The worst part is, Mike owns a laptop.

That’s when I started planning. It was time for an intervention Mike and Dobson to spend some time apart. I made some phone calls. I sent some emails. I contacted a well-known rehab centre airline.

So, yeah, Mike’s in “Sweden” now. But he’ll be back in 4 or 5 steps days.



Now go. Click on all of the links below. These talented people have probably hit rock bottom after 26 days of this challenge!

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  • nonamedufus

    Oh God, I can see it now. Mike’s gonna host 30 Days of Cats. Count me out!

  • Oh my God, count me in!

  • Poor Mike 😉  I had a cat blog once (shut up)  It had more followers than my main blog, but there’s only so much you can post about cats that is remotely interesting and to come up with witty and clever stories involving your cats is hard work.

  • I did my part to rain on his parade, if you recall.  I asked him if you had approved his regretable cat pic post -he got offended… said ‘what makes you think Nicky’s in charge… I said ‘If she isn’t she should be’… he didn’t talk to me for days…

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  • Hmmmmm….maybe I should start a dog blog since I have 3 of them and can’t have more.  No!  Wait!  A pet blog since I have tree frogs and fish and koi and bunnies and….

  • nonamedufus

    Count you in counting you out? I’m confused.

  • I like both cats and dogs…really…but I have to say that I think Dobson is adorable.  Probably not a great conversationalist on the phone but I have it on good authority that Mike is getting helf with the blog from some of Dobson’s pals.

  • Now Nicky, you have been an enabler, but I’m betting Mike’s Mom is doing her share too.  Where do you think Dobson is while Mike is in rehab (I mean Sweden).  I think Dobson is a very charming chap and all, but you know Mike.  We do need to make sure he doesn’t turn into a crazy old cat man.  I’m not worried too much unless he adds a couple more cats.

  • Lemme guess.  You’re looking after Dobson while CheesyMike is ‘away’?

  •  I could go for that too!

  • Dobson is adorable and I like Whisker Patrol, or really anything cat related.  Oh, and absence makes the heart grow fonder…

  • PJHar

    We need recordings of Dobson “talking” and pictures of Dobson devouring cheese! 😀

  • Mike really DOES need an intervention! Ahahahhahahahah

  • Too funny!!! Love the thought behind this one, Nicky! Do they allow Mike access to the internet in “sweden?” if so, you’d better start doling out the points just for having a cute cat!

  • nonamedufus

    What did I do?

  • If he does, Dufus, he can do it on his other damn blog!

  • I wouldn’t dream of making a sarcastic comment here, Babs. It would just be too easy. 🙂

  • I know. That’s the thing about addiction, God. Addicts get so defensive and it’s always everybody else who has the problem…

  • Kill. Me. Now.


  • Shut UPPPP! 😉

  •  LOL! Why do I have a feeling that’s going to be printed out and framed and then occupy a spot of honour on Mike’s desk!!

  • Mike’s mom is a very sensible woman, hon. Which is why she is NOT Dobson-sitting while Mike is in reha…Sweden. I don’t think Mike will get another cat. Dobson wouldn’t permit it. He owns Mike.

  • Not for all the cheese in Holland, Dozo! Another friend of his has the dubious pleasure.

  • Linda, I’m beginning to think you might need to join Mike in “Sweden”. 🙂

  • No. No we don’t.

  • The scary thing is that you don’t know the half of it!

  • I believe they have Internet “privileges” in “Sweden”, LM. Depends on how one is progressing with one’s thera…um… “sightseeing”.

  • I don’t think I want to know anymore!
    I’m already scared for him.

  • I’ve got nothing to say. The cat’s got my tongue.

  • The little French cat was just teasing you for not wanting to participate in Mike’s possible 30 day cat challenge.  Little kitty was just joshing.

  •  Sometimes I wish he had Mike’s too, Lauren. Sigh.

  • But on the other blog it’s cat day everyday. What fun would that be? I’ll do it here, thanks.

  •  Not only framed, but turned into a background for WWFC.

  •  Sounds like a great idea to me!

  •  Oh yeah, I remember that. I was never angry though. It’s hard to stay angry when you have cats around to make it all better.

  • Just because I’m in Sweden doesn’t mean that I can’t read English anymore.

  • Don’t listen to her!

  •  Oh yes we do!

  • Ahahahahahhaha!

  • No, you won’t. Seems like you need to revisit a few steps… I mean “sights” in Sweden. Perhaps you should talk to your therapist… I mean “tour guide”.

  • I had a feeling Mike would be on board!

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