His Name Isn’t Harvey

Welcome to day 8 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge masterminded by evil geniuses… mwhahahahahaaha.  Today’s prompt is “Best Friend”. Enjoy, and don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge. You might just make a new friend.


His Name Isn’t Harvey

My older boys are only 3 years apart in age. Which means that growing up, they always had each other to play with. My youngest son, Max, however, is 10 years younger than his closest sibling. Which makes him something of an “only child”, really.

To tell the truth, his big brothers are pretty fabulous when it comes to playing with him and paying attention to him. He is never banned from their rooms, even when they have friends over. I’m always amazed at how close the three of them are, considering the huge age gap.

light saber, star wars, jedi knight, sith, darth vader

Nothing like light sabers to bring a family together.

But as close as they are and as much as the big boys spend time with him, Max occasionally feels frustrated because he is the only one who isn’t a “grown-up”. As a result, he has invented some other children to keep him company. That’s right, he doesn’t have an imaginary friend. He has several.

By far, his best friend is Rinka. I have no idea where the name came from. Rinka lives in Afrikay which is not Africa. You need to take several planes and boats and trains to get to Rinka’s house in Afrikay. It’s very far away, although somehow Max has journeyed there often and completely on his own.

Rinka is the same age as Max and they even share the same birthday. I know, isn’t that a coincidence? However, that is pretty much where their similarities end. You see, unlike Max, Rinka is a mischievous child who does all kinds of pesky things that Max must then make amends for.

For example, Rinka was the one who coloured the toilet seat. Max asked him to stop, but Rinka wouldn’t listen and then ran off just before I discovered the artwork – leaving Max to take the fall. Did I mention that Rinka has the speed of The Flash? Yup, he ran past me so quickly, I never even saw him.

The real problem with Rinka, however, is his parents. To say they are “laissez-faire” is an understatement. Rinka is pretty much allowed to do what he wants, eat what he wants, sleep when he wants and colour what he wants. Plus he has a dragon.

Which means that I am obviously a terrible mother because I don’t let Max do what he wants, eat what he wants, sleep when he wants or colour what he wants and I refuse to buy him a dragon. It would appear that my chocolate chip waffles are the only reason Max keeps me around, really.

fire breathing dragon, lizard, iguana, reptile

Uh huh, real cute until it barbecues the neighbour's pooch.

That’s okay. I can live with that. And with Rinka. You see, Rinka is a little less embarrassing than one of Max’s other imaginary friends. I’m going to say upfront that we did NOT suggest the name and, while there is an abundance of swearing in my house, nobody really uses this particular word. You see, Max’s other imaginary friend is named Mofo.

And, trust me, you don’t even want to know kind of trouble that Mofo gets into.


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