By The Side of the Road…

…you’ll see:

The town of Slimminge, Sweden. See the church steeple in the middle? That’s the town. It’s tiny. Like, no traffic lights tiny. Seriously, it takes less than a minute to drive through.

Also, if you look real close, and I mean REALLY CLOSE, you’ll see a cat. I swear I almost got a shot but then he took off down the road…like a “cat out of hell”. Uh…sorry.

slimminge pano

You’ll also see these guys. A lot of them. They’re big and they’re amazing:
horses in sweden

You might also see some dude parking his bike along the side of the road while he takes pictures of horses and scenery. The locals don’t mind as long as he doesn’t make off with the horses or crashes into their barley crops.

me sweden

So yeah, in a few days I’ll be heading home from Sweden. And no, despite what a certain “Nicky” might have you think, Sweden is NOT a euphemism for rehab, or anything like that. They may not have a lot of cats here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t taken any pictures of them.

(Is this 30 day writing challenge STILL going on?)

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