Why Not? Everyone Else Has Already Said No

Welcome to day 21 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge that has only one redeeming feature – outlier is not a theme.  Our prompt today is “Favours I’d ask of Satan” (or “Favors I’d ask of Satan” if you don’t speak the Queen’s English). Don’t forget to link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge.

Why Not? Everyone Else Has Already Said No

The way I see it, I might as well ask Satan for a few favours. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be good friends eventually. After all, it’s hard not to be close when you spend eternity together.

Image from here.

First up, a portable air conditioner. It was eleventy billion gazillion degrees today. Celsius. For a moment, I thought maybe Satan was demanding payment in advance and I was already in Hell. Then I heard the weatherman say that it was going to cool off to eleventy million gazillion degrees tomorrow. I’d ask for  it to be portable in order to disprove the adage “You can’t take it with you when you go.” Yes. Yes I can.


Image from here.

Do I really need to add some kind of witty comment here? Seriously?


tacky house with christmas lights

Image from here.

I really, really want my neighbours to stop doing this to their house every year. On November 1st, no less.

Image from here.

And finally, I believe with every fibre of my being, that the world will be a much better place with Mike and I as Supreme Leaders. Or just me. Either way really. I guess, in theory, if I get this favour granted, I wouldn’t need to ask for the other ones I listed.  So, okay. We’ll just ignore the others and go with this one. And I promise to be a good tyrant Supreme Leader. I won’t even use a tin pot.

But I will require a crown.


As your Supreme Leader, I command you! Go! Read the other participants’ entries for today. Tell them I get all the points today because I am Supreme Leader. Also, they really need to start working on my palace.

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  • Mike

    Man, Eleventy billion degrees? Is that what I’m missing? You should come to Sweden. The temp is hovering just around eleventy and is quite perfect.

  • Nicky

    As Supreme Leader, I’m having your head chopped off.

  • babs (beetle)

    Try the UK. It must be minus eleventy here! We actually had our heating on this morning :(  I think you must be stealing our summer in readiness for your trip of an un-lifetime 😀

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  • Wendy

    HA! I’d tell you to come to the paradise I live in but, first then everyone would come and it would be too crowded. And second, they don’t accept Supreme leader wannabees here!

  • Cheryl P.

    I think that is very generous of you to share world domination with Mike.  Selflessness, probably irritates the devil out of the devil.  The gold crown thing might be a little bit “going in the other direction” though.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    One virtual tiara granted ~ “poof”

  • Linda R.

    It’s hot here, too.  Finally getting those summer temps and humidity.  Today it’s 94 with a heat index of 100.  Thank goodness for A/C.

  • notreallygod

    And where’s my ‘tin pot’ credit?  Mmm-hmmm
    Good luck getting to the top without MY help, missy.

  • P.J.

    Can I be on your cabinet as supreme ruler of the world?

  • Linda Medrano

    Dear Ms. Holy Supreme Leader,

    I’m with you.  And you get a million points today.  That display of shoes is heaven.  Absolute heaven. 

    The end.

  • laughing mom

    As President of the Galaxy, I guess that you can be Supreme Leader as long as you do NOT require the masses to wear high heels. Somehow, I don’t think Cheesy Mike could last long in a pair of stilettos. 

  • Jayne

    As world dominatrix just promise you won’t force-feed me Cotswold cheese.  Promise!   Anything but that.  Please.  Show mercy.  😉

  • Nicky

    Minus eleventy? I’m on my way!! :-)

  • Nicky

    Wannabees? Who you callin’ a wannabe? I AM Supreme Leader. I just didn’t specify Supreme Leader of what. :-)

  • Nicky

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE the shoes he’s holding!? OMS! They’re fabulous. Well done, Cheryl. Well done!

  • Nicky

    Thank you, Tami. I feel more regal already! :-)

  • Nicky

     LOL! Yes thank goodness… oh, wait.. 😉

  • Nicky

    Consider yourself credited! I award you 50 points for inspiring my tin pot reference. Also, I appoint you Court Jester. :-)

  • Nicky

    Um, I’m sorry P.J. I believe that position has been filled. There is still an opening for Court Food Taster. 😉

  • Nicky

    I had a feeling you’d like that picture! I considered kicking out one of the kids and converting their bedroom but apparently that would be wrong for some reason that I still can’t grasp.

  • babs (beetle)

    Ha ha ha! You’re welcome to it! I’m sick of feeling like we’re still in winter, SOMEbody hasn’t been keeping up with the weather lately 😉

  • Nicky

    I don’t want to spill any beans, so let’s just say you might be surprised at how long CheesyMike can last in a pair of stilettos. Very surprised. :-)

  • Nicky

    No! No mercy for you. Your punishment will be swift and just – you must eat Cotswold every single day! :-)

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  • Lauren

    Supreme Leader has a nice ring to it. Does it come with any perks besides divine providence?

    As usual, I’m late to the party. 

  • Nicky

    It does, doesn’t it? There are soooo many perks, I couldn’t even begin to name them all.  There are perks on top of perks. Ultimate perks. Extreme perks. Infinite perks.

    Yeah, there are no perks.

    You’re not late, you’re making an entrance. :-)

  • KZ

    It seems like every Supreme Leader starts taking Satan for granted once they make it to the top. Enjoy your time on the throne, Nicky, but try not to fall too far out of favor with the S-Man, or else there’s gonna be — wait for it…
    Hell to pay.Boom.  My work here is done.

  • Nicky

    LOL, good one KZ. I’ll be careful. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that there’s always Hell to pay. :-)

  • meleahrebeccah

    damn, woman. Stay cool!  Also, I think Supreme Leader fits you perfectly.

  • Nicky

     It’s actually gotten a bit better over the last couple of days, still hot but not as humid. Perfect Supreme Leader weather! :-)

  • meleahrebeccah



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