I’m Off To The Land Of The Ice And Snow

Day 18 of  30 Days of Writing sure does come quickly when you don’t write for days on end.  See, I’ve been slaving away trying to finish all my work as well as a course for my job. It’s bad enough being trapped in an office during the summer, but when your free time is also consumed by work related school work, well, it ain’t much fun.  Plus the material is really dry too. Like Sahara Desert dry.

Thankfully, I can officially declare that my company has released the shackles and they’re letting me run away for a few days. Good thing too, since today’s prompt is “Setting sail” and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

So by the time you read this, I’ll be packing a bag and getting on an airship for Malmo, Sweden to visit one of my oldest buddies, for 10 days.

There may not be any snow there this time of year, but I hear that the days are pretty long.

 paper airplane

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