It’s Like Groundhog Day

Welcome to day 12 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge that will make you rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams. We guarantee it or your money back.  Today’s prompt is “In the kitchen”. Enjoy, and don’t forget to  link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge. You get a cookie if you do.

It’s Like Groundhog Day

I could tell you about how I spend most of my time in the kitchen. I could tell you about how much I enjoy cooking. I could even share my world-famous chocolate chip waffle recipe with you.

But I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to invite you into my home to eavesdrop on a conversation I have with Jepeto every single morning. It’s not always exactly the same, but certain… key elements, shall we say?… are always, always the same.

volvo key, toyota key, access card

These are not your run-of-the-mill keys. They hide. In plain sight. They're ninjas.

Jepeto – Damn, I’m going to be late! Have you seen my keys?
Me – Did you look in the kitchen?
Jepeto – Yes, they weren’t there.
Me (walking into the kitchen) – You mean they’re not here on the table? (picks up keys)
Jepeto – Oh! I didn’t see them.
Me – Of course not. They’re ninja keys.
Jepeto – Yes, yes they are. Um, have you seen my access card?
Me –   …
Jepeto – I love you. You’re very sexy.
Me – Uh huh. (spots access card on the counter) There’s your card. Go to work.
Jepeto – (leers at me) You want me to bring home the bacon, is that it? (wiggles his eyebrows suggestively)
Me – Sigh. Yes, that’s it exactly. Go away.
Jepeto – Ok, I’m going. (Fusses with his hair) Do I look okay? I mean, if you didn’t know me and you saw me walking down the street, would you want to have sex with me?
Me – Actually, I would.
Jepeto (suspiciously) – You would?
Me – Hah! Actually, the only way I’d have sex with you is if I didn’t know you.
Jepeto –   … (walking out the door)
Me – Have a great day!


Now go check out the other fabulous bloggers participating in this challenge. And tell them they get 200 points if they can tell me where Jepeto has left his keys this morning!





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  • He LEFT them on the bed, where he hopes to have sex with you. But the keys ninjaed to the kitchen table. AGAIN!

  • In the kitchen, of course. Hey, I thought his shagging was magical?

  • Poor Jepeto 😉  I think he left them in exactly the same place.

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  • Alex does this too, Nicky.  But with Alex, it’s “keys, wallet, his “doo doo”, his security badges, etc.  Poor things.  But they are cute.

  •  Are you talking about you shagging Jepeto in the kitchen? Hmmm.  I never figured that would be your “thing”.  Live and learn Dufus!

  • It is scientifically proven that there is a gene that renders items invisible to the male eye. This is particularly found to be relevant to car keys, wallets, any type of mess, and dirty dishes and clothes. It is like having selective hearing only with the eyes.

  • Haha!!!  I swear my daughter looks for things with her eyes closed.  Now, whenever someone says that they can’t find something, I say, “Did you really look or did you Caitlin look?”

  • Nicky,  You’re killing me…the theme is kitchen and I have Ninjas, keys and groundhogs to work with. reap what you sow.  This is all you get.

    Where’s Mike at??? He needs to take a picture of Dobson in the kitchen.  I am good with cats.

  • I see it’s man-bashing day over at WWFC.  I knew something smelled funny over here, but I thought it was the Muenster.

  • I tell Wayne all the time that he would lose his butt if it wasn’t in his jeans. Men. Poor things. I think it’s because they don’t have ovaries.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Cookies and riches too?  Little did I know what good things would come my way by participating in this challenge.  

    The keys are on the kitchen table, of course!

  •  Ha, I can relate.

  • Keys in the kitchen! A normal place, eh? Next to the waffles? 

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    You DO know Jepeto. Therefore, you must not have sex with him.


    Sounds like he needs help you find YOUR access card.

  •  LOL! Shhh, Katherine, you’ll give the boy ideas 🙂

  • Yeah, he thought his shagging was magical too. 🙂

  • You’re absolutely right, Babs! How could you have possibly known? 😉

  • They are cute, aren’t they? Even when they make us crazy. 🙂

  • I knew it! Have they isolated the gene? Dammit, woman, is there a CURE? 🙂

  • OMG, so it’s not just a guy thing?! I don’t think I can wrap my mind around this…. 🙂

  • I’m killing you?! OMG, Cheryl, you just slayed me with that one!! Ok, I want you to email me this one too!! nicky at weworkforcheese dot com. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

  • Not man-bashing… Jepeto-bashing. 🙂

  • I’m not sure about that Leeuna. I think if they had ovaries, they’d probably misplace those too. 🙂

  • Jepeto

    Those are lies!!!! Now where is that fucking “leave comment” button…wait a minute BAYYYYYYBEEEE!!! HAVE YOU SEEN THE LEAVE COMMENT BUTTON??? goddam french keyboard….

  • Yes, Tami, you get it all here at WWFC! Except that by the end of this challenge, you may be too far gone to enjoy it all. 🙂

  •  Close, P.J.  Behind the bananas. 🙂

  • Jepeto

     That’s it woman! No sex for you! Wait a minute….DOH!

  • You’re absolutely right, Mike. I DO know Jepeto. 🙂

    And I haven’t lost my access card.

  • I’m just too clever 😉

  • Ah ben mon tabar…. IT’S IN THE KITCHEN!!!

  • I’d say brain transplant but don’t know of a woman who would donate…we could get them all seeing eye dogs but I think that is why they marry and breed.
    I was near you this weekend in Vermont – well, at least close enough to cross the border, but didn’t go that far north. Thanks for the linky thingies in my absence!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I’m confused.


    Or more.

  • damn those ninja keys! 


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