Like There’s No Night

So, I’m in Sweden!

It’s only been here a couple of days, but here’s a quick recap:

I took this while waiting to fly from Heathrow (Hi Babs!). I was going to use it for Flying Solo, and then I didn’t because I didn’t write anything for Flying Solo. Or anything for the last week for that matter.

flying solo

A train from Copenhagen then brought me across the Öresund Bridge into Malmo.
copenhagen to malmo

Suddenly in the Swedish countryside, I’m reunited with Mingus and Sathi, my old buddies from Montreal. Sathi has been shedding his winter fur like a mofo.
alaskan malamute
Then there’s Mingus. She caught a hedgehog last night and almost killed it. Luckily, we managed to pry it from her jaws and save it before she could break its back. Bad Mingus!

Alaskan Malamute

On the Baltic Sea we found an abandoned WWII bunker. They make good lookouts when scoping out the horizon for ships.
wwii bunker baltic sea
Horses dot the countryside too:

lone horse sweden

The days are also really long. It’s not quite the arctic and it actually does get dark. It’s still kind of like there’s no tomorrow.

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