Man’s Best Friend Ain’t No Cat

Dobson on the stairsRight. You’re thinking, “tell me something I don’t know.”

Cats like to give you the impression that you’re in charge, but we all know that they know that they’ve got “it” and “it” will get them everything from shelter, food, and scratches behind the ears.

With cats, it’s all about manipulation, so what kind of friend is that?

Did you know that many cats carry a parasite that can infect humans? It’s called T-gondii and once infected, it’s theorized that humans can become mindless drones existing solely to do the bidding of the parasite. How perverse and twisted a situation is that? Don’t believe me? Read this article from The Atlantic.

Since Dobson moved in, I’ve made a lot of compromises for him and he’s made none for me. Zero.

Somehow, this doesn’t really bother me (even though I complain) and I just keep on  taking excessive photos of him and dedicate large swaths of the Internet to him.

I’m pretty sure I’m infected with his parasite.

What kind of friend would do that to you?



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