Man’s Best Friend Ain’t No Cat

Dobson on the stairsRight. You’re thinking, “tell me something I don’t know.”

Cats like to give you the impression that you’re in charge, but we all know that they know that they’ve got “it” and “it” will get them everything from shelter, food, and scratches behind the ears.

With cats, it’s all about manipulation, so what kind of friend is that?

Did you know that many cats carry a parasite that can infect humans? It’s called T-gondii and once infected, it’s theorized that humans can become mindless drones existing solely to do the bidding of the parasite. How perverse and twisted a situation is that? Don’t believe me? Read this article from The Atlantic.

Since Dobson moved in, I’ve made a lot of compromises for him and he’s made none for me. Zero.

Somehow, this doesn’t really bother me (even though I complain) and I just keep on  taking excessive photos of him and dedicate large swaths of the Internet to him.

I’m pretty sure I’m infected with his parasite.

What kind of friend would do that to you?



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  • Ha ha! Cats get me every time! They can have their way with me in everything. I think I’ve had that parasite for many years and it multiplies at a great rate.

  • Although we have a cat, I’m more of a dog person. Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.

  • As you know we have 3 cats now, and have always had cats ever since we’ve been married.  I’m pretty sure we both have that parasite.   Further evidenced by the many cat pictures I post on my blog.  They even have a whole page devoted to their individual stories.

  • You shoulda got a dog.  Dog is God spelled backwards -everybody knows that-.
    But nobody says how Cat spelled backwards is Tac, as in ‘little prick’.

  • Understanding your weaknesses does not make us want to conquer them.  Cats should come with a sign “Abandon All Hope” because once they get their claws into you once, you’re a gonner!  He is such a pretty boy!

  • Mike, Mike, Mike,  are you giving all the cat- haters more to justify their dislike of our sweet cats???

    While I love all kinds of animals and I am aware of Toxoplasmosis. The parasite is prone in cats that eat wild cat feces. (fun stuff huh?) and can effect humans that ingest the parasite.  I suggest that people do their best not to snack on cat poo.  I am not convinced that breathing in the dust off of litter that has been used by a domesticated kitty will do our brains harm.  If it does, then my two cats will have a crazy person …oops, crazier person …taking care of them.

    I agree with Linda, Dobson is such a pretty boy.  Of course, he is rallying the troops now that he is being disparaged.

  • MalisaHargrove

    Dobson is one handsome dude! Look how dapper he looks with his cute little face and classy, red collar.  I miss my cats. They pissed on my floor once too often and they became outdoor kitties. They both left this earth several years ago. I had the floors redone. No more kitties. Sigh.

  • Admit it.  You’re a better man for having Dobsen.   I’m infected with the same “parasite” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.   Dobsen has such a sweet face.   He reminds me of my Mason seen here with his sister, Dixie.

  • Mason and Dobson are definitely from the same gene pool. I think you attached that very cool shot of him on the wood fence. And of course, I’m just playing the cynic here. Anything to get through another day of this challenge.

  • If you could read inside a dog you might find bookworms.

    Ok, that sucked.

  •  I know. In truth, I happily share my space with him, and that’s not even the parasite talking.

  • Yep, I’ve seen your cat page and you can never have too many photos of cats. Personally, I may have gone slightly over the edge since I started taking photos of Dobson.

  • Yeah, I thought about getting a dog, but there’s that whole “following them with a baggie” thing. In the end, the cat’s pretty self sufficient.

  • As much as I play up his selfishness, he’s very hard to resist.

  • I know how it sounds! I took the “other” angle just to get through Day 8.  I’ll do anything to get through this challenge even if it means siding with “them” for the duration of the post, and I think he’s already forgiven me 😉

    And holy sh….your graphic is amazing! I got the message loud and clear, so it won’t happen again.

  • Aw…RIP kitties. I still miss my first cat too sometimes even though she became a crazy vomit machine. She used to throw up on our patchwork carpet, so you never knew where it was until you stepped on it. Classy.

  • KZ

    I don’t understand the evolutionary purpose of humanity’s obsession with befriending and adoring cute animals, but I’m a total sucker when it comes to cats.  I live with two of them.  They’re both huge jerks in their own ways, but I still consider them good company for some reason.

  • But if you could play an audio book in there you’d get tape worms.

  • I, too was kidding to get a graphic in.  That whole article scared the shit out of me.  I am ready to go to KU Med and find out if I am going to die of some parasite eating away my brain.  I am optimistic though as I think that guy looks like a nut.

    I am not kidding when I tell you that I think your cat is just too cute, though!!!

  • no such thing as too many pictures of Dobson.

  •  He definitely has “something” going on 🙂

  • Dobson owns you. Cats always own the humans. Just see what happens with ’em. They want things, they meow and, usually, get it. Then when they want nothing to do with anyone else, they hiss or are not to be found. Or sleep. 

  • “I just keep on  taking excessive photos of him and dedicate large swaths of the Internet to him.”

    And I LOVE it!


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