Pressure…No Pressure

Can you believe it’s already day 6 of 30 days of soul-crushing despair aka 30 days of writing? Where does the time go?

I was going to write about all kinds of pressure. Peer Pressure, Tire Pressure, Barometric Pressure….but it just didn’t come together. In fact, I deceived myself figuring that today would be a breeze. Instead, I’ve got nothing, although I’ve been applying a lot of pressure to the backspace key as I keep using it to erase what I just wrote.

But no. I’m not going to give in to the pressure to produce something. I enjoy stress and pressure as much as the next person. I even work better under pressure at my job. In fact, pressure usually gets the heart pumping and sharpens the focus. Sometimes that’s known as being in the zone, but that’s not going to happen in this space today.

I refuse to give in to it.

Can I go to sleep now?



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  • Well, I got here nice and early and there is no linky thing. Google reader hasn’t updated my feed for two days – again!  Now that’s pressure!

  • No, Mike.  No sleep ’till Brooklyn!

  • You’re my kinda guy, Mike. Love ya bro!

  • Your soul is only being crushed by the pressure!

  • You’d best sleep now for tomorrow we write on “excess”.  

  • Don’t give in to the pressure, honey.  Get some rest.  You’ll need it for excess!

  • I blame the pressure on you. (Hoping to get more points, of course)!

    However, you said: “Can you believe it’s already day 6 of 30 days of soul-crushing despair aka 30 days of writing? Where does the time go?”I would have been way happier if you said day 26!

  • No, you may not go to sleep…sorry, it is not allowed.  You and Nicky have made it difficult today.

    HMMM..I freely admit that today, my pic for you sucks but  the prompt “pressure” seems to have created “pressure” for me trying to think up an angle.  As you can see, nothing came to mind. 

    So it would seem I don’t work well under pressure.

  • MalisaHargrove

    You got some pressure on the old eyelids, huh? Do what I do and post in midday and be the last one and no one reads your post because they are tired of reading the others. Sorry, just trying to win some sympathy points.

  • Oh, if I did that I wouldn’t post until 10pm. Then I’d hear it from Nicky.

  • Two days! That’s just uncalled for.

  • RIP MCA…sniff…

  • You should have let Dobsen write this one.   That’s what cats are for, you know.  

  • No time for sleep, but I think I may be OK for Excess and I have a feeling we’re going to be reading some tales tomorrow.

  • You pulled of ‘pressure’ way better than I did. I know it was a tough one, but you did great. And the one you did for Nicky’s post was hilarious!

  • Somehow, I think that excess will be easier.

  • Thanks, Dufe.

  • I’ll take part of the blame, P.J. Afterall, I agreed to let this insanity happen, even if I probably didn’t have a choice in the matter.

    I guess we can look on the bright side: We’re 1/5 of the way through.

  • Of course, it’s in their bag of tricks along with “waking master at 5am after master went to bed at 3am”. Gotta love that cat 🙂

  •  I have more excess for sure!

  • You seem to be confused about who exactly is master.  

  • You got me there. master should have been in “”.

  •  Ahahahah! I second what Jayne said!


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