Another day, another prompt. It’s only Day 2 of 30 Days of Writing and already I feel like I’ve run out of ideas.

I’m at an impasse. On Day 2.

A Cul de Sac.

I wander around the house looking for inspiration. Flipping through magazines and books. I get distracted and start reading instead of writing. Transformer: The Lou Reed Story by Victor Bockris. I close the book and look up. The cat’s looking right back at me.

Feed me

But you just ate.

Pet me

Now you’re just messing with me.

I open my closet. In the box. The old IBM keyboard that I salvaged from an old job. Writing came easy on this, the Cadillac of keyboards. Maybe it was the weight, or the sound of the keys.

Clickety. Clackety. Click. Click. Click
IBM keyboardClick. Clack. Click. Clickety.

Words flowed from  these keyboards and inspiration came fast. Something about the keys. In fact, they were manufactured with that audible ‘click’ in mind. Like a real typewriter. A metal one.

One that weighs 30 pounds.




I’ll use this keyboard. It was built to inspire. I’ll just plug it in.

Fuck. PS/2.
ps/2 connector




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  • HA HA!  A clicky ps2 keyboard!  You know, the first computer I ever touched was my dad’s… a radio shack Tandy.  Had a mega keyboard and I loved it.

    Something I HAVE to point out!  You said, “Cul de Sac!”  I was born in San Diego CA and everyone called those “things” CUL DE SAC’s.  Then after many moves across the country we end up here in the South.  I said Cul De Sac to someone and they looked at me like I had three eyeballs.  CUL DEH WAH?  Ya’ll, we don’t know what no Cul De Sac is….You mean a COURT?

  • My first computer was a Wang. I know how that sounds. It was a word processor at work. Luminescent green letters on a black screen background. And 5 of us shared a printer. I don’t know what a Fuck PS/2 is but I’m going to start saying it. Fuck PS/2.

  • That is exactly how I felt with this prompt – only without the cat and the book and the old keyboard. But exactly like that!!

  • I thought PS2 was a Play Station.

    Funny, you seemed so calm last night when I had to kick you out because I hadn’t written anything for this prompt yet and you were all blasé and “Yeah, me neither, whatever.” 🙂

  • Well I hadn’t.

    And the Playstation is PS2. The connector is PS/2. There’s a difference you know.

  •  No no. It’s Fuck. PS/2. The period makes all the difference.

  • The old keyboards were so much better, and they last forever. However, they take up the whole desk 😉

    That’s funny, I wouldn’t have even expected Cul de Sac to be used in SD. Of course, it’s the norm here in Quebec.

  • The cat is just an accessory, but we’re all familiar with that space between writing and figuring out what to write.

  • Nicely done, Mike!  I love that you can talk “nerd” so easily!  I need to send you a piece Alex wrote entitled “The Launch and How the Radio Shack Girls Saved Our Asses”.  It’s funny and nerdy too!

  •  Whatever. Your snarkiness earns you negative 25000 points. Snarky. 🙂

  • Good post for “roadblock”.  That would slow a person down.

  • Cul-de-sac was the norm when we lived near Philadelphia. It didn’t hurt that we lived on one too.

  •  Haha…I like you “post” too, Cheryl. Those ps/2 to USB converters are becoming quite rare.

  • Whatever, it doesn’t even make a dent in the 50 million points I awarded myself.

  •  That sounds like a good read. Send it along when you have a chance 🙂

  • Nice. Love the “sound effects” of the keyboard!

  • Those old keyboards were great, weren’t they?  I learned to type on an IBM Selectric and went on to the old IBM keyboard.  I totally agree about the feel and sound – the key clicks.  Some of today’s keyboards I can barely type on.

  • BAHAHAHA!     I feel like this every damn day.    

  • Put your cat on the keyboard (the one that works) and after about 2 minutes, press send. Don’t bother with the spell check.

  • Ellie Belen

    I do love that sound. Almost as much as the old typewriter sound I used to smack away on and I loved the bell at the end. 

    I missed the second day, darn.  But I did have the roadblocks in place to stop me. Really.
    I endeavor to continue.  

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Hah! I’ve had this problem . Solved it with a ps2 converter. I think I’ve got a spare if you want it.

    Great idea for this post, CheesyMike.

  • KZ

    I love your account of the cat interactions.  I also remember those old keyboards.  I used to type my book reports on them back when I was 8 years old.  I always did love that audible click sound that they made.  Typing on my spongy keyboard these days doesn’t provide nearly the same visceral satisfaction.

  • Yep, we all traded quality for cheap stylish products. Those old keyboards never broke and you could really type with purpose 🙂

  • Thanks, BonyMike. I know I’ve got one somewhere in “the box” with the rest of the various adapters and cables.

  • It’s a great sound! Many people claim that the sound does help them to type faster. It’s as if every keystroke is acting as validation.

  • Exactly. Everyone knows how to spell fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff…

  • As do I. If everyday is going to be like this, 30 days is going to kill me.

  • They’re just too soft. And on a laptop? I’m constantly mistyping. Backspace is my friend.

  •  That’s exactly how they sound. Clickety!


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