Another day, another prompt. It’s only Day 2 of 30 Days of Writing and already I feel like I’ve run out of ideas.

I’m at an impasse. On Day 2.

A Cul de Sac.

I wander around the house looking for inspiration. Flipping through magazines and books. I get distracted and start reading instead of writing. Transformer: The Lou Reed Story by Victor Bockris. I close the book and look up. The cat’s looking right back at me.

Feed me

But you just ate.

Pet me

Now you’re just messing with me.

I open my closet. In the box. The old IBM keyboard that I salvaged from an old job. Writing came easy on this, the Cadillac of keyboards. Maybe it was the weight, or the sound of the keys.

Clickety. Clackety. Click. Click. Click
IBM keyboardClick. Clack. Click. Clickety.

Words flowed from  these keyboards and inspiration came fast. Something about the keys. In fact, they were manufactured with that audible ‘click’ in mind. Like a real typewriter. A metal one.

One that weighs 30 pounds.




I’ll use this keyboard. It was built to inspire. I’ll just plug it in.

Fuck. PS/2.
ps/2 connector




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