The Rhyme Of The Modern Mariner

Welcome to day 18 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge that defies description.  Today’s prompt is “Setting sail”. Enjoy, and don’t forget to  link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge.

The Rhyme Of The Modern Mariner

sail boat, ocean, moon, water, sea

Part I

I was walking down the street
When a sailor I did meet
He grabbed me by the shirt
And sat me in the dirt

I said “Dude!
Don’t be rude
I’m going to a party
Wouldn’t do to be tardy!”

But with a single look
I could tell he was no kook
His eyes were not wild,
So I listened like a child


Part II

And then he spun his tale
About setting sail
He lit up a smoke
And then he spoke:

“They clapped and cheered
Whilst they neared
To see us setting sail
On our floating garbage pail

As we drifted away
Their cheers did fade
I tasted the salt in the air
Felt the wind in my hair”


Part III

“Then,” the Mariner went on
“That’s when things went wrong
The salt chapped my skin real bad
And the wind knotted my hair like mad

No amount of cream could help
By day 3, I was tired of eating kelp
The lapping waves I thought would lull me to sleep
Really just made me have to pee

I really tried to make it work
But each shipmate was a jerk
They blamed me for the frost
And for when we got lost”


Part IV

The Mariner made it back to port
For his day in court
It seems for being lewd
Your crewmates will have you sued

And for a final time he spoke,
“Tomorrow I will be broke,
After they take my last dime
I’ll probably do time.

I’ll be old and grey
The next time I see the light of day.
All because a bird flew overhead
And I misunderstood when they said

“Take that pecker out!”


Now go and visit the other participants who may or may not have drowned their sorrows while writing their own posts for today.



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