The Magical Shag

It’s Day 9 of 30 Days of Writing, a writing challenge that will drive you to drink  Today’s prompt is “Magic Carpet”.

Sue me. I’m late because it took me forever to find a comparable photo. very ugly carpet pattern

At one of the houses I lived in growing up, we had wall to wall carpet in the basement. It had a hideous pattern, not unlike this and it was kind of magical in that it swallowed up whatever you dropped on it. It was a relative to the shag and looking at it was kind of like looking into a swirling abyss of darkness.

In those days, I was studying electronics and I’d work on my circuit boards down there. I don’t know why I’d thought that a poorly lit basement was a good place to solder small parts but I did anyway and I lost many little resistors and screws to that carpet.

We also had a fat black cat called Buttercup (she had yellow eyes) with a hairball problem and the carpet acted as the perfect camouflage. The only way to find her disgusting present would be to step in it and I still remember that time when Shawn from StubbornFool was over and had that privilege.

Oh no…I wrote about cats again…

….help me….

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  • That carpet looks suspiciously like the carpet my parents put in the den (1980).  It’s still there, and still looks decent.  I can see those little electronics pieces vanishing forever it it’s depths.  As for the cat, why is it that with all the solid surface floors in the house, they will pick the rugs to throw up on?

  • I’ve definitely seen many a carpet like that in the past, and I’ve probably had worse patterns. I prefer plain carpets. They do show the hairballs up better!

  • Jepeto

    I was sure you were gonna write about our sex life…the title IS the magical shag, isn’t it? 🙂

  •  Um, Jepeto? You do realize this is MIKE’s post, right?

  • Jepeto

    HAHAHAHAHA! oups! sorry Mike! Honest mistake. I will never talk about OUR sex life Mike, promess 🙂

  • I was living in an apartment in San Francisco and the living room, dining room, and entry way had carpet that looked like that!  I finally talked the landlord into replacing the stuff with a neutral and splitting the cost with me.  That ugly carpet looked like a mass murder had occurred on it and that was just the pattern.  

  • Holy Moly, you weren’t kidding about how difficult pictures of that carpet are to find.  We had that same crap in our basement when our kids were little.  That is before I ever thought to have cats included in our chaos.  While I am somewhat depressed now to realized how old I am, and  that style of carpet was in vogue when I was already married with children. 

    As far as the carpet, I just had to create my own version for today’s graphic. So here is my contribution for the day…

  • You and Nicky must have such a wonderful relationship for shagging still to be magical. Well done Jepeto! (Although I’d be interested in her opinion too.)

  • Oh, geez, shag carpeting. I completely forgot. It was amazing the things you’s find in the carpet. When we moved into our current house we had shag in the basement. Our cat gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens down there. You’d never have known it.

  • I hate carpeting. It’s like walking on the drapes or the sofa, you can’t get it clean and it’s just not natural. But  I love cats and posts about cats.

  • That title really had my hopes up, but NO, there was nothing Austin Powers-like about it.

  • Ohhh boy I bet that carpet smelled GOOD!  Couldn’t you have included a scratch and sniff picture?  Can you work on that? 😉

  •  I wouldn’t be able to, but there might be an app for that 🙂

  •  Nope. It was quite literal in the end.

  • That’s good to hear, cause I got plenty more cat posts in me.

  • Makes you wonder where the carpet designers of the days were drawing their inspiration from.

  • Great question that only the cats have the answer to. So far Dobson’s thrown up once, and he did it on a nice hard surface. Good kitty.

  •  Yes, the solid patterns work best at showing up the..uh solids..

  • Five-second rule? 

    And splat with the hairball?

  • Ugh. We had the very same nasty ass shag carpeting in our old house. I HATED it! 

  • You know, not much grosses me out, but that image…well…congratulations, P.J!

  • It’s probably in some landfill now and even the rats are avoiding it.

  • Who dreamed up these patterns? It must have been the LSD of the era.

  • Thanks!

  • Another excellent graphic 🙂 I love how that one cat is positioned looking over the edge.

    And that genie is smiling even with a litter box at his feet!

  •  All I can tell you is that I think we may have had identical carpets.  Ugh!  Still, I just covered that mofo ugly with a nice oriental carpet and it didn’t nauseate me any more but it did make me dizzy.

  •  I’m hoping to steal Nicky away from Jepeto and keep her here as a sister wife.  Shagging be damned!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Carpet disgusts me.


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