The Magical Shag

It’s Day 9 of 30 Days of Writing, a writing challenge that will drive you to drink  Today’s prompt is “Magic Carpet”.

Sue me. I’m late because it took me forever to find a comparable photo. very ugly carpet pattern

At one of the houses I lived in growing up, we had wall to wall carpet in the basement. It had a hideous pattern, not unlike this and it was kind of magical in that it swallowed up whatever you dropped on it. It was a relative to the shag and looking at it was kind of like looking into a swirling abyss of darkness.

In those days, I was studying electronics and I’d work on my circuit boards down there. I don’t know why I’d thought that a poorly lit basement was a good place to solder small parts but I did anyway and I lost many little resistors and screws to that carpet.

We also had a fat black cat called Buttercup (she had yellow eyes) with a hairball problem and the carpet acted as the perfect camouflage. The only way to find her disgusting present would be to step in it and I still remember that time when Shawn from StubbornFool was over and had that privilege.

Oh no…I wrote about cats again…

….help me….

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