The Other One Didn’t Get Away

Welcome to day 13 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge and we’re not even halfway there yet.  Today’s prompt is “The other one”.

I had a another post, but I forgot it at work.

Then I woke up late because I worked all night on this other thing.

Then I found this guy on my counter this morning. Taunting me.

He actually got away because I was too busy taking pictures of him. Bastard.

disgusting earwig

His friend (the other one) wasn’t so lucky:
earwig dead goodbye

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  • Haha! Are you sure it was his friend and not him? If it was his friend, maybe the other one will get the idea NOT to come back. 

  • Sounds like his friends are going to send in the calvary to avenge their buddy.  OOOPPPS…too bad, so sad about the impending bed bugs coming your way.

  • You had another post but you forgot it at work? Are you using pencil and paper these days?

  • If that thing was on my counter, the last thing that I would be doing was taking a picture of it – unless I had a really powerful zoom lens.

  • I know, it’s pretty sad, but that’s just how committed I am to this blog!

  • Uhm….would you believe the cat ate it?

  • What’s with everybody here’s penchant for killing bugs?  First it’s spiders and now it’s whatever the ‘other one’ was.

  • I’m hoping they’re not that organized, but the kingdom of insects is pretty sophisticated, so you never know. (great graphic, again!)

  • That reminds of that old Saturday Night Live sketch where they injure the roach, but they don’t kill it, just so the roach has “something to think about”.

  • Well, the bug was 100% my doing, and I take responsibility for that. And really. What use do earwigs have?

    The spider was all Dobson’s doing, and I did not condone his behavior.

  • Nope.

  • Ok ok. How about, I ran out of internet?

  • YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I would’ve shotgunned it.


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