The Handy Man

Welcome to day 13 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge for the writing impaired.  Today’s prompt is “The other one”. Enjoy, and don’t forget to  link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge, against your better judgement.


The Handy Man

hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tools

My kingdom for a screwdriver!


He was determined to fix it, finally. It was just a wobbly-legged chair, the kind of thing you know will only take a minute to fix. Just tighten a few screws and it’s good to go. It was also one of those things you just never get around to. Well today, he was getting around to it!

Except he couldn’t find the screwdriver. His wife had done some spring cleaning and now he couldn’t find anything. Where did she put the damn tools? He picked up the phone and called her at work.




“Hey babe, where are all the tools? I’m going to fix the stupid chair already.”

“Great! They’re in the basement.”

“I’m in the basement. They’re not here.”

“Where in the basement are you?”

“In the laundry room.”

“Oh, no. Go to the other side of the basement. They’re on the shelf right when you walk in.”

“Ok, hang on… they’re not here.”

“On the second shelf, from the bottom?”

“Nope, don’t see them.”

“Wait, are you looking on the orange shelves or the wood shelves?”


“Not that shelf! The other one, the wooden one – right when you walk in.”

“Oh, okay… got it!”


And then he fixed the chair. Finally.

The End


Yes, it’s another story about a guy who can’t find stuff. I started to write a different story about a friendship between two women, except that I got to 800 words and I still hadn’t made my point and the words “the other one” were nowhere to be found. And then I remembered imagined the above incident, so I ditched the other story. And no, of course the characters in the story are completely fictional and Jepeto and I never had that conversation.

Now go, read all the other participants’ posts. You won’t regret it!







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  • You know, I read that and now I’m thinking of a screwdriver. But, the other one. But it’s too early. Maybe a mimosa.

  • Yeah, no lost tools here – anal retentive hubby with a label maker and a new huge-ass tool chest. Anything else in the house is hidden from sight – like invisible dirt. Great story, true or otherwise!

  • Since when does a woman care that she’s passed 800 words and still hasn’t made a point?  Since when would she even notice?
    WAIT, is this the dawning of the age of Aquarious?!  Let me check if the moon’s in the seventh house, or Jupiter’s aligned with Mars…

  • You’ve “never had that conversation”  I’ve “not” had similar conversations with my other half.  And then there’s his “your other left” comments.

  • The chair got fixed and that’s all that matters, right? 

  • I was wondering where ‘the other one’ would come in  😉
    If that was Mo, every drawer and cupboard would be emptied and every expletive uttered, before she grabbed a knife from the kitchen to use instead.

  • This was the first topic I had a problem with.  I really went blank when I read it.  I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write until it was half written.  (Is Jepeto part Navajo?  Just asking…)

  • You might have made me a rich woman today, my friend.  I have this truly brilliant idea to start a new sign company for people that need that extra little hand holding to find their way through life.  I am setting up an infomecial as we speak.  I am sending you a little info but I am at your disposal to create any signs you might need for Jepeto.  You of course get the friends and family discount.

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  • Wendy

    A totally fictionalize story of needing to hunt down some tool lost by the obviously male Jepeto. Oh, Really. Tell me an-other-er one.

  • Jepeto

    Not a handy man? I use my HAND all the time.

  • Jepeto

     It ain’t fictional. Really. It ain’t Edgar Allan Pooh either. Really. Your comment is a fan-fan-tes-ti-ca-ca-l-l-l-l  one. -er.

  • Love this, great use of your stupid prompt: the other one.
    Ok, it wasn’t stupid…well, no, it was. But you did a great job. And I think we’re married to the same guy. You can keep him though. When he’s at my house, he won’t let me blog.

  • TMI, man! TMI!

  • Sounds like my house but we never find stuff. We only trip over it. At least you found it! I might give this prompt challenge a whirl. Looks like fun. Though, after a couple of days, I might have to pad the sidebar.

  • Wendy, meet Jepeto. He’s French and sometimes doesn’t catch English humour, he thought you were dissing my post. 🙂

  • Jepeto

     Oh you know her baby? …DOH! Toutes mes excuses Mademoiselle, je suis très tendu ces temps-ci.

  • Congrats on finally fixing the chair!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I’d like to read that story about the friendship between the two women who go shopping for lingerie. I mean, I assume that’s what it’s about. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Do join in Lauren! It’s SO much fun, you can’t even imagine!

    Wait, did that come off sounding sarcastic?

    Because it really should have come off sounding sarcastic. I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings here. 🙂


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