That’s What I Said

Welcome to day 14 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge that is nearly half over – YAY!!!.  Today’s prompt is “The short hairs”. Enjoy, and don’t forget to  link up at the end of this post if you’ve participated in today’s challenge. I’ll also take it as a sign that you’ve forgiven me for this prompt. No? Sigh.

That’s What I Said

My dad owns a couple of guns. He enjoys target and skeet shooting and he’s pretty good at it. I know this because he’s shown me the targets he’s shot at and for the most part, all the bullet holes are clustered around the middle of the target. I wish I could tell you that I’ve seen my dad go all “Clint Eastwood” at the shooting range, but I haven’t. Because I’ve never gone with him. Because he won’t take me.

No matter how much I’ve whined asked.

Every time I mention going shooting with him, I get the same response. Sure, I can go, but first I’ll have to read some literature about gun safety and there are some pamphlets I should look at and there is a manual I should read and there’s a website I should visit and… you get the idea.  Both of my brothers have gone shooting with him and neither of them had to get a Master’s degree to do so. Hell, even my ex-husband (when he was still my husband) went with him and he didn’t have to read anything at all.

Except some life insurance papers and a waiver, but I’m sure my dad didn’t mean anything by those.

In any case, my dad has never taken me shooting. I keep trying though, hoping to wear him down until he gives in and brings me along. Over time, I honed my arguments for why he should take me. I discovered that calling him a chauvinist, stamping my feet and whining, “But you took my brothers… it’s not faaaaaaair!” didn’t work. Surprising, I know.

So, I changed tactics and went with using jargon to show him I already know a great deal about the subject and he can feel secure in the knowledge that I am a competent, level-headed safety-conscious person who won’t shoot herself – or him – in the foot.

cross hairs, bullseye

See, this doesn't even slightly resemble my foot.

I told him I knew he was just a concerned parent. I told him I knew that I should treat every gun like it’s loaded, even if it’s not. I would make sure to keep the muzzle of the gun pointed in a safe direction when not aimed at a valid target. I would only put my finger on the trigger when I was ready to shoot. And when I was ready to shoot at the target, I would make sure to use the gun sight when aiming and only squeeze the trigger (gently) once I had the target in the short hairs.

Dad – You mean the cross-hairs?

Me – Um, yeah. Look, I’ll even wear sensible shoes, okay?

Dad – Sure, no problem. Here’s the 12,000 page gun safety manual…


Now, go! Read the talented people listed below. I guarantee you none of them wrote a 12,000 page-long post!



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