Worst Xmas In The History of Xmases

Amazingly, this crazy writing challenge is still going on and here we are at Day 25. I’ve been travelling, so I haven’t been able to write as much as I wanted to, but seeing how much all of you writing challengers have produced, well, I’m impressed!

Today’s theme is Worst Xmas Ever

My family never celebrated Xmas, so Xmas was often spent at the movie theatre, or in Chinatown.

Sometime in my teens, me and a friend named Peter became friends with a girl named Nicky. Nicky and her family were totally cool with me and Peter knocking on the door on Xmas eve and crashing Xmas dinner. Even though we weren’t invited, I still remember the warm, uneasy smiles as we were welcomed into the kitchen and given chairs to sit on.

And so it became a wonderful Xmas tradition for years: Nicky suffering through the crushing boredom of family Xmas, and us, young saviours come in from the cold December night to help conquer tedium and the family pork roast.

Until that one year when we knocked on the door and no one answered.

We knocked on the front door and side door, and even looked in all the windows.

The family car wasn’t even in the driveway.

There was no Xmas dinner to crash and no pork roast (or was it turkey) to eat that year.

And that was the worst Christmas ever.





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  • So where were they??? What did you do about Christmas dinner????   That is the worst Christmas ever!

  • I hope that you remind Nicky of this tragedy every year at Christmas time so that you get an invite and cheese in your stocking from her.

  • nonamedufus

    The worst xmas ever? And what did Nicky’s family have to say about you and your pal Peter showing up every friggin’ xmas? Guess they showed you!

  • I had the opposite experience.  My mom put such importance on Christmas that it was sort of frantic.  So what did I do?  Continued the tradition of course.  I don’t do it anymore, but it was always exhausting. 

    I think that you and Nicky have remained friends for so long is such a great thing.  What a fun friend to have for both of you!  Now where were they that missing Christmas?  I hate to think of you and Peter tromping through the snow to go get chow mien in Chinatown for your Christmas dinner!

  • You got off easy.  (Normally a good thing)
    The could’ve rented the place to cannibals, YOU show up at DINNERTIME…

  • D’oh!

  • How dare they go away without a thought for you?  Not even a note pinned to the door to say they were sorry?

  • PJHar

    And you are still friends with Nicky??

  • What, and no word of warning?  Is is possible you weren’t as welcome as you thought?  Nah!  There was probably a last minute change of plans and they couldn’t get in touch with you.  Yeah, that’s it. 🙂  Glad you guys are still friends.  After all good times and good friends – that what it’s all about.

  •  That’s cold, literally.

  • That is HYSTERICAL!!!!!  I bet they were next door, peeking through the windows!

  • Honestly, I can’t remember what happened or where we ate. We probably had to go all the way to Chinatown instead and have dinner with strangers.

  •  I don’t bring it up as often as I should, but you know, maybe that’s something I need to do.

  • From what I can remember, Nicky’s family was very happy to have us there. They must have gotten xmas wrong that year, which is why they weren’t there that night. Only way to explain it!

  • Maybe it’s age, but I actually cannot remember if I found out where they were that night. I guess it was too traumatic for us, or maybe I just don’t want to know the truth.

  • Yup!

  • If they had done that I would literally never be able to forgive them.

  • It’s possible. Or maybe they went to their neighbours…across town.

  •  Yep. But not after she’s fed me a lot of cheese to make up for the whole horrible experience.

  •  I know! I mean, we never said we’d come one way or another, but there’s something in this world called “tact”.

  •  Yes, and cheese, and drop in pork roasts and xmas turkery 🙂

  •  It was a very VERY cold December that year.


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