A Video Message For All Of The 30 Days Of Writing Participants

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  • Congratulations to the winners!  I think you should have used a shoe box though!

    Max is such a cutie pie and you have an accent 😉  

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Bravo – and to think there were prizes (who’d  thunk?)  The best part of the video was when you were speaking French ~


  • Mikewj

    You’re adorable, and the French accent TOTALLY works for me, but I won’t sign up for T-Mobile no matter how you try to tempt me with that unlimited-minutes smile of yours. In fact, I can’t. I just left T-Mobile after two Les Miserables years and signed up with Verizon. Now I not only have cellular service that works at a price I can afford, I have an iPhone that matches my iPad.

    And yeah, I know: I’m an apphole.

  • I think you guys are all winners, Babs! I really wish we would have been able to give everyone a prize.

    I don’t have an accent. YOU have an accent. 🙂

  • Your right, you don’t have an accent. You have two accents!

  • Tami, honestly, we kind of thought we might only have 2 or 3 takers when we started this! So, we figured we really needed to do something to celebrate the success.

    I switch back and forth between French and English all the time – often in the same sentence – that I actually realized after I’d spoken to Max a second time that you guys probably wouldn’t understand what the heck I was saying!

  • Come on! You can’t possibly still think I look like the T-Mobile girl!! Are you high?

  • LOL! Ok, you win.  🙂

  • Congratulations, Katherine, Lauren, and Laughing Mom!!!!!!  Nicky, that was so nice of you and Mike to do this!!!  

  • Thanks Nicki, it really is our pleasure. It would have been awesome if we could have given everyone a prize… maybe next year! 🙂

  • That was so much fun to see you and Max.  He is adorable, by the way. How generous of you and Mike to reward the participants. Congrats to Katherine, Lauren and Laughing Mom. 

    I am totally jealous that you speak French. Such a pretty sounding language.  I really should have paid attention the 3 years I took it in school.  I know about 12 words I think and none of them sound pretty when I say them.  

  • I enjoyed the writing prompts for the month of June, thanks for posting it 🙂 Here’s to others as they happen, because I enjoyed it for the most part (some days the prompt caused me to be more introspective than usual). Be blessed and continue to bless others!

  • PJHar

    I’m calling Shenanigans! Rigged! Rigged! Rigged!

    How do I know? She was secretly telling Max in that crazy language that is spoken in but one province in Canada who to pick! I know because I took four semesters of it and I am an expert at making things up in that language!

    J’aurais du gagner!

    (I don’t know if I spelled this right or if I conjugated it correctly. It’s been a long time since I wrote/spoke French and I didn’t even do it well back when. Also, I haven’t been drinking, which is when I was known to speak things better!)

    Anyway, I’m the real winner. I’m getting free poutine. As long as I come to Montreal. You can all be jealous of free poutine! Or for paid poutine, for that matter. Crap. I’m not the winner because I can’t go somewhere in my town and get poutine. Dammit.

    And Nicky — this was fun. And a good way to end it. Congrats to those who were handed… err won the gift certificates! 😀

  • PJHar

     PS: Je voudrais beaucoup de bieres a Montreal! (I can’t remember if one uses an “a” before Montreal here… I thought that was how to do “in. I hope I wrote this right as it’s about the only thing I talked about in French class!)

  • Congratulations to all the winners.  It was generous of you to give out prizes for something we all enjoyed.  I love the video.  Now I have the added benefit of seeing your personality as well as reading it.  You and Max did a fine job.

  • Not too bad PJ. Your conjugation is a little mixed up, it should be je veux, not je voudrais and it does take the “a”, but with an accent – “à”.

    Quand tu viens à Montréal, nous allons boire beaucoup de bières ensembles!

  • See, I figured if I let Max pick the names, nobody would accuse me of rigging the competition. Plus, if I was going to rig it, I would have picked my own name all 3 times!!  🙂

    And yes, you’re the real winner because you get beer and poutine when you come up to Montreal. Remember, Mike’s buying! Thanks for taking part, PJ!

  • Thanks, Linda. I think I did at least 30 takes of that video before I just gave up and said “whatever happens, happens!”. And as for the prizes, it was just a little something to say thanks. I really wish we could have rewarded everyone! You all deserved it.

  • Hey! Great video of you and Max! Thanks! And congrats to everyone that competed. It was fun and I enjoyed reading everyones posts. 
    Nicky, I sent you an email at weworkforcheese at gmail. Please let me know if you don’t get it. Thanks!

  • You’re shockingly normal.  I was kind of expecting a Selma Blair type, a little dark, a little disturbed, and maybe a little aloof.  Next time wait until after the taping to take your meds?

  • Congratulations to the winners.  But I’m letting you all in on a secret!  I am the biggest winner of all!  I get a week with that French Pastry Boy, Max, and his glorious and charming mother, Nicky, at my house!  I’m running around in circles happy about it! Having  Nicky and Max  visit is like going to the moon and back with a first class ticket!

  • I got it LM! And I answered  🙂

  • I think that’s the first time anyone’s ever called me shockingly normal. I don’t think my therapist would agree. And I don’t know what to make of it. 🙂

  • I’m buying?? How did that happen?

  • LMAO! French Pastry Boy!! I love that. Only 20 days left… 🙂

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Nathanael, and I agree, it wasn’t always easy! If we ever are crazy enough to do this again, I hope you’ll join us!

  • He is pretty adorable, Cheryl. Except when he’s not! 🙂

    It’s not surprising that you lost almost all the French you learned, it’s not like you use it on a regular basis. It is a pretty language, but complicated and sometimes illogical… although, don’t tell Jepeto I said so! 

  • Um, you said you would. Don’t you remember? Maybe it was before you went to “Sweden”…

  • nonamedufus

    That was a great contest Nicky. I really enjoyed it in a perverse kind of way. And good on you awarding those gift certificates. Of course you awarded them to the wrong people. (Just kidding) But we’re all winners for having seen and heard the “real” you.

  • Well, I considered letting you pick the names, Dufus, but I thought people might think the results were fixed if I did. 🙂

    And I should have known you’d be the one to realize what the true prize was!

  • You are so stinking cute. And I can’t believe you cut off all your hair! Max is also totally-super-adorable, even though you had to beat him to stop him from interrupting you! xoxo

  • Yup, I got it chopped this weekend… with all the heat and humidity we’ve already been having, I just couldn’t imagine another 2 months with my hair plastered to my head! Max is pretty funny, and he actually was pretty good for the first 29 times I tried recording the message. I have a new-found appreciation for how awesome your videos are!!

  • Awwww. Shucks!

  •  And I *pufffy-heart-love* the new do. It’s soooo perfect on you!

  • PJHar


  • Totally cute video. Bonus points for shielding us from the beating *giggle

    Congrats to all of the winners!  My blog totally won, though, because the folks who came by and read what I wrote made my blog very happy to have the cobwebs from it’s little HTML cleaned out!

    And I still think this should be an annual event!

  • This was so much fun to participate in, even though it caused a decrease in brain function at times. I actually miss those daily prompts.

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!

    Max is adorable.

  • Sandra

    What? Fixed! Fixed! I demand a recount! I think your lovely assistant was pulling out my name, but then someone was quickly scratching it out, and writing the other names…or not…whatever. I don’t care if I didn’t win. Kind of goes along with the kind of year I’ve been having, always second, never first…sigh (feeling sorry for me yet?…k, didn’t think so…) I’m kidding! Geez, everybody always takes me so seriously.
    I think you were very brave to have held this 30 Days of Writing Challenge. I couldn’t keep up. You’re bad-ass, you and Mike who will only look at cats. Your lovely assistant is very adorable, as are you. It was nice to hear you speak. And…ahem…I think I should get a prize for being able to understand the entire video, even the parts where you were speaking Japanese. 🙂

  • Thanks Ms. D! And hey, as long as there were no witnesses to the beating, it never happened, right? 🙂

    I’m glad you feel that you won just for participating. I can’t promise this will become an annual event, but if nobody kills me for suggesting it, it just might!

  • If you like, Lauren, I can send you a prompt every day. No need to thank me.

    Max agrees with your assessment of him. 🙂

  • You are absolutely right, ma chère. You should win a prize for understanding everything in the video – even the Japanese parts. I know! You win my lovely assistant!! I’ll send him to you tomorrow – express post. Please confirm receipt. Or don’t. Either way, really.    🙂

  • YEAAAAA!!!!!!!  Yeaaa!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!  I get a Lush soap yeaaaa!!!!!!!!

    You are so pretty and he is so cute!  He is the energizer bunny!  Were you speaking french?!  AWESOME!!!!  (I live such a sheltered life.)


    I never win anything YEAAA!  Oh and the funny part??  You said my name and showed it and I went “YEAAA” and right then on the video you went “YEAAAA!”  LOL!

  • LOL! Thank you and yes, he is the energizer bunny and yes, I was speaking French! Congratulations, Katherine! I’m going to send you an email later today with some details. Yeaaaaaa! 🙂


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