I Got Crabs in Sweden

crabs in sweden for the cat

You didn’t think I’d go to Europe and not bring back something for my cat, did you?

And then I gave them to the cat and now they’re his best friends!

I know how that sounds, but trust me when I say that everyone’s happy and the only “itching” I have is to go travelling again. However, if I never have to travel trough a New York airport again, I’ll be a happy man.

I’m looking at you, JFK Terminal 3.

My flight itinerary from Copenhagen took me through London Heathrow (huge yet efficient) and then through NY JFK (grossly disorganized). The thing about travelling through the United States to your final destination (outside the U.S.) is that you need to technically enter the U.S. and pass a security checkpoint. Plus, your checked luggage will not follow you home, so you need to pick it up at the baggage drop and check it in all over again.

How much of a waste of time is this? In my case (and many others that day), enough time was lost that I missed my flight home. Sure, they gave me a voucher for the Garden Inn, but it took me 2 hours to reach the hotel since no one could tell us where to get the correct shuttle. See, there’s also a Hilton Garden Inn nearby, but it’s not the same as the Garden Inn, which is also a Hilton, except it goes by the name of Garden Inn JFK. Got that?

Oh, there were a lot of angry people at the shuttle roundabout (read: circle of hell) that night and it made me wonder if it was like this all the time. When I finally got home (12 hours later than planned), I Googled “worst airports in the world” and JFK consistently made the top 10, even achieving the coveted #1 spot in a few search results.

But you know what they say: The worst part of travelling…is the travelling!

Sweden was still great, I’m glad to be back, and without going into a full recap of those 10 days, here are some quick and easy pics. I also discovered the panoramic feature on my smart phone and it’s easily the single most amazing thing since the smart phone.

Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones). Sometimes referred to as the Swedish Stonehenge. 59 stones forming the shape of a ship, on a hill overlooking the Baltic Sea. Fascinating (and really windy). Camera does it no justice.

ales stenar sweden

Then we had some fried herring with cranberries. It was crazy delicious:
ales stenar friend herring

I checked out Copenhagen for the day. It’s cycling heaven:
bikes in Copenhagen

I had a latte in the Nørrebro district in Copenhagen. It was around 6$, a little weak, but functional.
latte coffee collective norreboro
Back in Sweden, some biking took me to Svaneholm Castle. Or more like to the banks of Lake Svaneholmssjön where you could see the castle:

svaneholm castle lake Svaneholmssjön

Malmo, Sweden is a pretty happening place these days. Since the construction of the Oresund Bridge and tunnel, you can now cross the Oresund Sound in 20 minutes.
Malmo canal and train station

Can you see Denmark? It’s on the other side. On the left is the Oresund Bridge that I just mentioned. On the right is the Turning Torso tower. It’s around 40 stories and the tallest building in Sweden. They forgot to put in a observatory.
Malmo turning torso oresund bridge

Malmo Central Station. The train station is your best friend and your way to get from one city to the next, and fast. Like 100MPH fast. We need high speed rail in North America.
malmo central station

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