Nostril Insanity

So I regularly go to yoga classes because they regularly kick my ass and I believe that we all need a good as kicking once in awhile. All classes begin with some form of meditation or controlled breathing, which will usually relax you or at the very least, get you “in the zone”.

Yesterday’s class employed a breathing exercise called ‘Pranayama’. Pranayama is a technique which is basically “alternate nostril breathing”. Block left nostril, breathe in through right. Block right nostril, breathe out through left. Does it have benefits? Some say yes, some say no. It’s pretty harmless and it leads to the physical, more challenging aspect of the class, aka the asskicking portion.

pranayama nostril technique

See? Even this guy is using his hands! And he’s on Wikipedia!

Now, my problem with yesterday’s breathing exercise, is that our teacher told us to block one nostril WITHOUT USING OUR HANDS. Is this possible? If you are reading this, please try to breathe in or out of only one nostril. Do it right now and prove me wrong. Did I miss something?

Then, she asked us to breathe into only the left lung, and then only the right lung. I found this request to be extremely distracting from the whole meditation thing, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Unless you have only 1 lung, or 2 esophaguses (sp?), it’s just not physically possible!

Again, please try to breathe into only 1 lung or only one nostril without using your hands.

If someone can prove me wrong, or that I missed the point somewhere along the way, I won’t write for a week.


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