Monday Afternoon Sandwich

It’s a prosciutto, arugula, tomato, Havarti with basil, mayo and mustard sandwich. On black bread.

That is all.

black bread prosciutto havarti sandwich

arugula prosciutto havarti sandwich with cat

  • Linda R.

    Except for the tomato, it looks and sounds delish!  Looks like Dobson thinks so too.

  • Linda Medrano

    Michael, that sandwich looks amazing.  Now get Dobson down from the kitchen counter.  You can train cats not to get up there.  We trained Smokey.  I really wish I had half that sandwich right now!  Why aren’t you at work?

  • Cheryl P.

    Both Lindas are right, the sandwich looks amazing.  Will Dobson try to eat any human food.  My 2 cats snub their little noses at anything but their own food. Maybe they think I am trying to poison them.

  • P.J.

    If Dobson approves, I think I might enjoy it, too! :D

  • Lauren

    Lunch for you or Dobson?

    The sandwich looks delicious.

  • babs (beetle)

    That sandwich has made me hungry! Dobson looks a little unsure.

  • Mike

    Oh it was good and it would work without tomato.

    Can you believe he snuck in the picture? It was completely unplanned. Completely.

  • Mike

    I try, I try. And you know what? I didn’t even see him there until after I posted the picture. Would you believe that?

    I’m working in the evenings this week, so the days are mine!

  • Mike

    He will try. I mean, he appeared out of nowhere and photobombed that second pic and really tried to get his nose in there. He would have gone for the Prosciutto in a sec.

  • Mike

    Just take my word for it. It was awesome. Still can’t believe a cat ended up in that pic. What were the odds??

  • Mike

    It was for me, but he’d have no problem making it his own. Those cats. They just materialize out of nowhere!

  • Mike

    It very much hit the spot. As for Dobson, I’m just unsure how he got in the pic. :)

  • Lauren

    My cat also appears out of nowhere. One minute in the kitchen, the next, on a table in the living room. Talented cat. Usually, the dogs have something to do with it.

  • Linda Medrano

     I had a vet who made house calls for Smokey.  When Smoke got up on the kitchen counter, he told me not to let him do that.  I laughed and said “Yeah, right. Train my cat!” and he said “Exactly!”  He then showed me how.  He ran toward the cat yelling and the cat ran for his life.  It took me two days, but the cat never again went on the kitchen counter or on the kitchen table.

  • nonamedufus

    Where’s the beef?

  • Boom Boom Larew

    You forgot to mention cat saliva as one of the ingredients.

  • Barb

    that looks delicious!

  • mike

    I didn’t. He never got close enough. If he did, that sandwich would have gotten tossed :)

  • mike

    Probably nestled under a slice of cheese and between two hamburger buns. Which reminds me that I haven’t talked about cheeseburgers in awhile. Hmm..

  • mike

     It is/was!

  • If I were God…

    And cat nip -the verb, not the noun.

  • Mike

    It was close, but it didn’t happen.

  • Katherine Murray

    OH MY GOSH!!!  DID YOU MAKE THAT!  I am so jealous. You need to come over and make me a sandwich!  PLEASSEEEE??????    Oh, I am so sorry, haven’t checked email in a long time… BUT I DID get the amazon card!  You are AMAZING… thank you thank you thank you!

  • Jayne

    I used a squirt gun.  Also effective…   Yummy sandwich.

  • Mike

    Woo hoo! Enjoy the card, whatever you do with it!

  • Mike

    I keep forgetting to get one of those! He’s mostly trained, but I’m a bit of a push over about some things. The squirt gun is a good idea.

  • meleahrebeccah



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