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It’s a beautiful Saturday here in “la belle province”. The kind of day that beckons one to sit outside, savour an icy glass of sangria, enjoy nature and think  profound thoughts about the meaning of life. Thoughts like:

  • Is Mike ever going to write another post here? Seriously, he’s been back from “Sweden” for a week and nothing. No humorous stories of his therapy travels. Not even a stupid picture of his cat. Not that I want another stupid picture of his cat, of course, but you know what I mean.
  • Why does this stupid ant keep crawling on me?
  • Why do men always wear undershirts or t-shirts under their button up shirts? It’s very odd. Women wear button up shirts but don’t always wear a cami underneath, especially in the summer when it’s hot.
  • Cigarette smoke does not deter stupid ants.
  • I never understood that tongue twister about the chick selling seashells by the seashore. If I’m at the seashore and there’s a chick selling seashells, why would I buy one when I could just walk the shore and collect them myself?
  • Can ants get cancer?
  •  The weeds in my backyard are insane. They are everywhere and easily 8 feet tall. Seriously. They are growing like weeds.
  •  If a stupid ant screams in my backyard, and nobody is around to hear it, does that mean I can torture more of them?
  • Should I be doing something? I feel like I should be doing something.
  • Ants are stupid.

  • After much contemplation, I have determined I need to Google the origins of the expression “under the weather”. This makes no sense to me. The only way to be over the weather would be in a spaceship.
  • I need more sangria.
  • Ok, seriously, Mike really needs to post something before I do something stupid like write a post about stupid ants and how stupid they are.


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  • Oh Dear!  Ants aren’t stupid!  They are actually quite smart.  If they are hanging around you, where else would any intelligent creature want to be?  Your toenails look magnificent!  So do mine by the way!  This was a very interesting post.  Where the hell is Mike and what is he doing?  He doesn’t write, he doesn’t call.  He doesn’t even post.

    I got about 100 pokeyman cards for Max.  Also some Power Ranger action thingies.  They have weirdly muscular bodies.  Have you ever noticed? 

    I need some Sangria too.

  • OMG!  I forgot to send you my toes!

  • The fact that you can sit in your yard, makes it “la belle province”.  My Iphone is showing 107 degrees right now.  I was going to take a pic and send it along just for the fun of it but it would require movement on my part. 

    I was worried a bit that maybe Mike was MIA but he has just posted a couple of pics over at Whisker Patrol.  On the outside chance you are REALLY wanting more pics of that adorable Dobson, there are a couple of cute ones.  Perhaps you are fake denying and are really quite attached to Dobson.  Just a thought…NO????

  • So where is that Mike? And more to the point, where is Summer? He hasn’t been around our parts at all this year. He is badly slacking.

    BTW. Torture something your own size. Poor ants 😉

  • You know, I experienced quite an interesting phenomenon. The more sangria I drank, the more intelligent those ants were.

    I don’t know where Mike is. I suspect Dobson may be playing a key role in Mike’s disappearance, though.

    Max just told me that it’s taking forever before it’s California day. I’m not even going to tell him you stocked up on Pokeyman cards and Power Rangers (yes, they are oddly built) otherwise he’s going to hound me 24/7 for the next 16 days!

  •  LOL! They are fabulous, hon!

  • 107?! That’s just ridiculous. How can you even type in that weather?

    So, Mike posted some pics on WP, hmmmm? Why am I not surprised? Looks like he’s already off the wagon. I’ll contact reha… um, “Sweden”.

  • Tvonzalez

    Time to light a fire under Mike (or did we already roast him?)

  • I don’t know where Mike is, but I have a feeling Dobson might. I think you should pack up and come to Canada, Babs. You’ll find Summer here. And ants too. 🙂

  •  I can’t wait for Monday.  It’ll only be two weeks then!  And time flies, Nicky Darling!  I’m really thrilled you guys are coming!

  •  If we didn’t, we should, Tami!!

  • I’m still ruminating on joining you for a day or so if everything falls together that needs to.   

  •  I hope you can, Jayne!

  • OK OK! I’ll write something soon! I’m just still shell shocked from my re-entry into the states.

    P.S. About the t-shirt/undershirt under a button down shirt. This is a strategic move to prevent pit-stains and letting the undershirt do the dirty work if need be. It may not look stylish (or maybe it does), but the alternative (for some) is big nasty armpit stains.

  • nonamedufus

    I think you’re in need of an ant-i-depressant.

  •  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  • We’ve got insane weeds, too. They might be crazy, but they’re probably smarter than ants. Speaking of ants, today I’m antsy.  

    Sangria has many medicinal affects.

  • PJHar

    As for the undershirts — don’t ever let ’em see you sweat!

    And ants are so freakin’ annoying.

  • PJHar

     I wish I was in California. I want to meet other bloggers! 😉

  • What’s with all this unprovoked hating on ants?

    Ant know what they’re about; industrious and organized.
    Did you know they can lift ten times their own weight in sangria?

  • It’ about time!

    P.S. Maybe you’d sweat less if you wore less layers… or anti-perspirant. Just sayin’…

  • I thought tht’s what sangria was…

  • I don’t doubt the weeds are smarter than ants, Lauren. Mind you, I have a sneaking suspicion they’re smarter than I am, too – as a result of the sangria medication I’ve been taking. Copiously.

  • As for the undershirts – see my response to Mike. 🙂

    Ants are freakin’ annoying. And stupid too.

  • Unprovoked? Did you not see the size of that thing crawling on my foot?

    As for your defense of the little buggers, I am also industrious and organized. And I can lift AND ingest ten times my own weight in sangria.

  • Wendy

    I’d rather ants on those toes OUTSIDE, where they belong then INSIDE, where they seem to want to be this year. Seriously, I have used more than a whole bottle of Ants be gone and still, I find them here and there and everywhere.
    My boys Loved ants. They made up mazes for them. Do yours?

  • My teens don’t notice the ants unless they crawl across whatever monitor they happen to be staring at, LOL! And my little one just stomps on them… he gets his love of insects from his father. 🙂

  • Ha!  It seems like ants are everywhere.  The yard is full of them – Raid!!!  I enjoyed following your thought process.  It’s funny how the mind works sometimes.  

    I actually posted on origin of “under the weather” back in Nov. 2010.  Seems like that’s when a lot of us get that way.

  • Ants are everywhere. And they are stupid. I’m glad you enjoyed my thought processes… and my mind works like that pretty much all of the time. 🙂

    I need to read that post of yours, Linda! And I agree, November is such a blah month.

  • Mikewj

    Huh. I Googled “Erotic Foot Photos,” and it brought me here. Lucky coincidence.


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