Souvenirs From “Sweden”

So my co-blogger Mike went to “Sweden” and he brought me back a special gift. Can you guess what it was? Think about it. What is “Sweden” renowned for?

snow, snowball, woman, parka

No. Mike did not bring back snow. Or a blond chick. Sigh.

huge cheese wedge

Cheese, of course. What were you thinking?

He came by last week and brought it to me. And has been bugging me ever since – Have I tasted it? What did I think of it? When am I going to write about it? Have I seen Dobson’s first video on Whisker Patrol?

So after I finished rolling my eyes at him, I promised I would try the cheese. I’m going to be totally honest, it took me nearly a week to try this cheese because I was afraid of it.

Yes, afraid. Because I don’t know what the hell it is.

allerum prast 12

Who knows what that label says? Eat this and your hair will turn blond, you will grow to be an Amazon and you will cavort with a dozen other blond Amazons in fields of daisies.

Why else is there a flower on there? I pondered that all week. I mulled. I reflected. I considered.

And then I figured it was either the cavorting thing or it said that there is a 17% chance that I will die from eating this cheese within 12 minutes and spend the rest of eternity pushing up daisies.

crime scene, dead woman, telephone receiver

Sure. Laugh at my wild imagination. But how do you know that’s NOT what it says?

But then Mike got snippy with me, so I ate some. A sliver. With two spinach and garlic Wheat Thins.

wheat thins, spinach and garlic crackers

A sliver won’t kill me, right?

So Mike, you can stop nagging me. I had some. And for the moment, I’ll admit it was good. But if I wake up dead tomorrow, I’m not talking to you for a really long time.

UPDATE: Nicky survived the cheese. I had some too. For 12 year old cheese, it’s pretty mild. It’s tasty, like Swiss, but with the dry texture of cheddar. Here’s more: – Mike
allerum prast 12 year old ost


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