That Re-Fillable Sponge Thing

Why do stores that sell this fucking thing do one of the following things:

a) When you need a fucking replacement they stop selling the replacement sponges!
b) The replacement sponges that they do sell don’t fucking fit your fucking sponge attachment thing anymore!

I guess I’ll just have to throw it out because it’s too disgusting to use anymore.

(Yeah I just re-filled it with soap for some reason. Shut up.)

re-fillable sponge thing


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  • Jepeto

    What the fuck is that thing?

  • I have the same scrubber. I only bought a pack of three replacement sponges the other night at Zellers

    But When ever I refill it, the soap just disappears the next morning ! I only like it now cause it makes scrubbing easier for me.

  • That is disgusting.  I have never bought that type of scrubber.  Regular sponges you can pop into the microwave to disinfect….so cheap reg. sponges work for me when I occassionally use sponges.  I, however,  prefer using cloths.

  • Is that for shaving your legs Mike?

  • Is that like buying 4 new tires right before your engine dies?

  • Paula Wooters

    Do you use it to scrape the rind off the cheese?

  • Oh, you didn’t mean birth control replacement sponges.

  •  I didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip.

  • Yes, the Journal of Enviromental Science had a study that showed that 2 minutes on high in the microwave will kill even the nastiest of the viruses and bacteria. 

  • Um, ah, yeah. Does it have anything to do with manscaping?

  • Jepeto

     I knew Mike is a Cat person now, but man you are scaring me.

  • Oh, that ALWAYS happens!  I used a great one and couldn’t get the heads any more, so had to buy the ‘NEW’ one, only the ‘NEW’ one leaks and is not as good as the originals, so now I had to buy about four in order to finally get one that doesn’t leak!  So how much extra money have they made out of me?

  • Jepeto, are you saying it’s to shave his “cat”?

  • *LOL

  • Maybe if you’d wash a dish every once in a while, you wouldn’t need to ask…


  •  That’s a great analogy, LM. And yes, it’s exactly like that!

  • I don’t say ‘ewwwwww’ very often, but ‘ewwwwwww!’

  • No, I definitely did not.

  • I think it all comes down to us being scammed by this thing, so it’s back to good old sponges for me.

  •  That’s an excellent Life Hack, Cheryl. I’m going to have to use it, but not with the sponge attachment thing. I’m going back to regular sponges.

  • Exactly. They were pretending to re-invent the wheel, and we fell for it!

  • How would that thing work for shaving exactly??

  • What? No. I don’t even know what manscaping is. I swear.

  • Ahahahhah! How annoying.  Yet, funny!

  • I’m sorry, all I could think of was Seinfeld and being sponge-worthy… LOLOLOL!!!!

  • I don’t know why, but I thought you were talking about some kind of vaginal sponge. Why is that, you think?

  • But more annoying!

  • Hmm…you’re not the only one to point that out, so I’m not sure!

    Thanks for visiting!

  • I wasn’t even going for that angle, but hilariously, a few people have pointed that out!


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