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How can two of my favorite things, cream soda and an ice cream sandwich, come together so shitilly? Yes. Shitilly.

Anyway, this didn’t work at all, but I finished it just in case the taste got better near the end, which it didn’t.

In other news, the cat’s missing.

ice cream sandwich cream soda float is not recommended

Looks good, tastes terrible. Ok, it doesn’t even look good.


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  • I am shocked those two things didn’t work better together. I would think an ice cream sandwich could be the perfect accompaniment for anything.

    What cat???? Did you do something to Dobson, Nicky?? Not accusing..just asking.

  • Did you feed this to the cat? Could explain things.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Agreed – truly disgusting.

    What? The cat is missing? A cat-napping, no, a cat-tastrophe? Hope she shows up soon Mike.

  • I want that ice cream sandwich. Does the ice cream soda float have anything to do with the cat missing?

  • I haven’t had an ice cream soda in years! I used to put more ice cream than cream soda in mine. Yummy! I’m not surprised that your ice cream sandwich didn’t work though. It’s just not the same 🙂

    Dobson? Missing? What did you do?

  • What do you mean, “the cat’s missing?” How long has Dobs been MIA?

  • Mike, where is your brain? And your cat? Did you lose them at the same time? I really don’t much care that you’ve lost your mind but am deeply concerned about Dobs.

  • He’s been gone for about 4 days. Not an eternity, but too long just the same.

  • Me too. I’m thinking he may have adopted another family, and I’m hoping it’s temporary.

  • No, this wasn’t the right way to make an ice cream soda 🙂
    But yeah, he waltzed out the other morning as usual, but unusually, didn’t come back

  • Me too.

  • I know, right? But somehow the cream soda lost its kick in the process.
    And yeah, I’m now Dobsonless, unless he decides to come back.

  • Nope, I only fed it to me. And it sucked.

  • Nope. But the intense disgustingness made me forget that he was gone for a few minutes.

  • Shawn @

    You really have to blend the ice cream with the cream soda.

  • Four days is a total eternity! I’m so sorry. Have you put up fliers all over the neighborhood and checks with all the local vets and shelters? Go door to door if you have to. He could have gotten locked in someone’s basement or garage by mistake.

  • I’m too distracted to even think about ice cream and cream soda. Where in the Sam Hell can that cat be? Have you called the shelters? Was he chipped? We had a very hard time keeping a collar on Smokey because he simply took them off. My cousin and I searched the neighborhood about 3 AM when Smokey hadn’t come home. We even snuck into backyards. Good job we didn’t get shot or arrested. I really hope Dobson comes home and turns into an indoor cat. And Mike, I’m really sorry. This is dreadful.

  • Why? That’s all. Just why. Cool tile by the way. Hope Dobson comes back soon!

  • Seriously, I’m so sorry your cat’s missing. My cat used to take extended leaves, too. It made me crazy and is the cause of that unfortunate incident I never speak of.

  • The ice cream sandwich is OK, the cream soda, on the other hand, is a whole different story – and the two together is just gross.

    I just clicked over to Whisker Patrol. So sad to hear Dobson is missing. I know how that feels. 🙁

  • Nope. Still tastes like shit.

  • I know, a horrible feeling. But yeah, fliers are done. Now we play the waiting game…which is impossible because I can’t just sit around and wait, so I’m still hunting in the alleys.

  • I know he’s around somewhere. I see the same cats prowling around and they know something. A colleague was telling me about how he’s lost 4 cats to a next door neighbour. She lures them with chicken and cream and then they never want to leave. Horrible.

  • ‘Why’ is an excellent question. The answer is along the lines of “it was a great photo op” and the worst lead-in to bad news.

  • Yeah, it’s an awful feeling. I haven’t given up though. 🙂

  • I feel just sick for you, Mike, and will be sending up prayers, my friend. Don’t give up. And keep calling the vets and shelters in the area.

  • Came back hoping to find better news. I’ll be keeping you and Dobs in my prayers.

  • Thanks, I appreciate the thoughts 🙂

  • It’s the apricot-and-anchovy pie incident, all over again.

  • Looks like it’s all adding up to an exciting summer!

  • What? How can that be? Shouldn’t it taste like an ice cream soda, but with chocolate cakey chunks? I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you and good luck with you next taste test.

  • That was the thing. The low quality (but still tasty) ice cream somehow destroyed the integrity of the cream soda. It’s like it neutralized it and turned into just barely flavored soda water.

  • Right, because at first glance, apricot and anchovies totally sound like they could be friends 🙂

  • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about Dobson! I hope he’s back by now…

    Also, there’s something seriously fucked up with your head.

  • Katherine

    Oh geez! Noooo, kitteh can’t be lost! I read the comments to see if there were any changes! 🙁 Soooooo sad!

    Regarding the treat….you lost me on the crust. But I would think the icecream would be good. One of the best desserts I have ever had is Guiness, icecream and a ginger cookie.

    Kitteh has to come back!

  • Guinness and ice cream? Well that’s got to be good. We once reviewed Guinness cheese (which was great), so how can you go wrong?

    Yeah, it’s looking like he’s very gone at this point. It’s sad, but that’s also life. He was always a free spirit.

  • Nope. He’s not.

    What? About the ice cream sandwich? One has to experiment. How do you think cheese happened? Ok ok. You don’t like cheese. What about Reese Peanut butter things? They also exist because someone was fucked in the head. Only it worked that time.

  • The cat’s missing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sadly, yes. Hasn’t made an appearance in close to 3 weeks.



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