All I Wanted Was A Simple Cheeseburger

Yeah, me and cheeseburgers again.

What up with burger places that insist on ruining a good thing?

This isn’t a cheeseburger. It’s a stack of food that you have to dissect and then eat the individual parts separately. It’s also 30% lettuce.

art burger burger week mtl

Now pay attention.

This is a cheeseburger.
real cheeseburger

Homemade, DIY, the way you ordered it. On time. Discuss.

I’m going to Vermont tomorrow to climb and then fall down a mountain. See y’all on Monday. In hell.


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  • Please don’t fall ALL the way down the mountain. Halfway is good enough. I’ll see you in hell if I can come up with something for SHINY.

  • Really…your climbing a mountain right before a 30 day challenge? Last time you went to Sweden or some such place …to get out of some posts. You aren’t planning on faking an injury or anything are you?

    You guys are funny…you shouldn’t be feeling like you are in hell until about day 16 when your photo prompt is “bullshit”. Now that will be hell.

  • You can make me a cheeseburger anytime you want. Just hold the cheese, okay?

    Try not to get eaten by bears or fall down the mountain or neglect personal hygiene while you’re off lollygagging in the woods. And make sure to be back on Monday!

  • Oh Mike, I like the tomato, pickle and a bit of lettuce on my cheeseburger. I sometimes add onion and avocado too. But when I fix one for you, I’ll let you do the additions. Or not.

  • Be careful on your climb. I don’t want any bruises, cuts, you know. Keep it all in good shape!

  • You could break a jaw taking a bite of that.

  • nonamedufus

    I like the DIY cheeseburger. As long as the burger doesn’t come from XL Meat.

  • Can that cheeseburger of yours get a little bacon, maybe? It looks good to go other than that =)

  • Paula Wooters

    Damn… now I want a cheeseburger! Hold the lettuce. I’ll just be sitting here, hungry, while you tackle that mountain.

  • Don’t go hungry on my behalf!

  • Bacon would definitely top it off πŸ™‚

  • My only criteria is that it’s edible, and manageable.

  • Actually, being able to unhinge your jaw is a prerequisite.

  • I’m back and I survived. Nothing broke!

  • You can fix it for me. I totally trust your judgement.

  • Ok, I’m back. Now I have to find a way to sneak in my hiking pics.

  • I 100% agree. By the middle of this thing I’m sure I’ll be crying.

  • I got Shiny covered but I’m getting perplexed over Kafkaesque, even though I initially thought I’d be ok with it.

  • Now I have waaaaaaaaay too many pictures of shiny things. I’m ready for the Outtakes and this thing hasn’t even started.

    Why are you looking at Day 27? Eyes on the prize; day at a time. (That said, I’m going off the the beaten path for Kafkaesque.)

  • I’ve been scheming to figure out how to sneak in my pictures from our trip into the mountains. πŸ˜‰

  • Cheeseburgers can be wonderful, even when there are creations to go along with them. But sometimes it’s a bit too much, unfortunately. Love me a good burger.


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