Forgive me Blogger, for I have sinned. It’s been two weeks since my last blog post, and a full month since the one before. I accuse myself of the following blogging sins:

  • Blasphemy – yes, I took Your name in vain and cursed You when I was unable to come up with another post. I’m still not convinced it’s not Your fault, but it obviously hasn’t helped any. Um, also? Maybe that curse about You and the blind bear might have been taking things a bit too far. Sorry.
  • Envy – I’ve been reading other bloggers and I admit, I’ve felt envy when reading their well-crafted stories. The kind of envy that makes a person feel ashamed of themselves. Because it’s the kind of envy that makes a person want to whack some of their closest virtual friends with a dictionary. Lovingly, of course.
  • Sacrilege – I. Have. Ignored. Google. *ducks and covers*
  • Fornication – Oh, wait. That has nothing to do with blogging. Never mind.

And now that I have confessed, it is time for my Act of Contrition. I did a few Bloody Marys but that didn’t seem to help. I just ended up with a headache on top of writer’s block.

I prayed to the Blogosphere, asking it to give me a sign. What could I do to make up for my sins and finally get over this dry spell? And the Blogosphere responded.

Ziva and MikeWJ announced their 30 Days of Photographs III challenge, starting October 1st. Here are their list of themes:


1. Shiny
2. Fast
3. Above my head
4. Sour
5. Lotion
6. Vibration
7. Craftsman
8. Hair
9. Rules
10. Stalker
11. Heavy
12. Five
13. Calm
14. Secret
15. My favorite food
16. Bullshit
17. Coins
18. Qwerty
19. Steel
20. Nails
21. Broken
22. Neutral
23. Underwater
24. M&M’s
25. Video
26. Heart
27. Kafkaesque
28. Autumn
29. The city
30. Blackout

Sour? Qwerty? Kafkaesque?!

Really, Blogosphere? Self-flagellation wouldn’t have been enough?

dominatrix in leather with a whip, legs, high heels, stilettos

I’m pretty sure I even know who to contact for a whip.

Image from here


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  • Now THAT’s a list! Do you feel better now that you’ve thrown down the gauntlet? I’ll have to scour my photos to see if I can come up with enough to compete!

  • Tami Von Zalez

    I forgive you, esp. in light of the last image you posted. *grins* See ya round the challenge!

  • OH SWEET! It’s TIME!

  • We’re all sinners here. You’re in good company, sort of.

    Underwater is going to be tough. It will definitely kill my phone. On second thought, it’s doable. I could use a new one.

  • That is quite a list and I had a problem with #27, too. Although intriguing, I don’t think I can participate in this challenge. We will be vacationing some during Oct. and while I will have a lot of photo ops, I doubt I could (or would want to) post every day. So I’ll sit back and enjoy your penance!

  • The blogosphere can be a mean bitch can’t it?

  • Ah yes.

    “Envy – I’ve been reading other bloggers and I admit, I’ve felt envy when reading their well-crafted stories. The kind of envy that makes a person feel ashamed of themselves. Because it’s the kind of envy that makes a person want to whack some of their closest virtual friends with a dictionary. Lovingly, of course.”

    I have felt that way MANY a times, in fact, even while reading YOUR stories!!

    PS: I am psyched about the 30 day photo challenge!

  • OK, this time I wanna play. Not sure if I can pull off every day, but, I. WANNA. PLAY!

  • Oh Nicky, baby, this is going to be amazing. I swear, I won’t make you regret joining us. If ever you feel like you don’t have enough inspiration, just come on over and I’ll whip out the, well, whip.

  • It is quite the list, isn’t it? And you can tell I had nothing to do with it because it’s missing themes like “blurry”, “my thumb” and “headless”.

    And no, I don’t feel better. Every time I look at the list, I feel a little worse, to tell the truth. 🙂

  • Thank you Tami. I’m rather fond of that image myself. 🙂

  • Please tell me that was sarcasm… 🙂

  • Well, I kind of figured I wasn’t the only one and I also knew there had to be a reason why people kept coming back here! I’m pretty sure killing was part of Ziva and Mike’s evil plan, I just thought it was less about killing our phones and cameras and more about killing me.

  • Well, apparently there are no rules, depending on whose blog post you read. You wouldn’t have to participate every day and Ziva will have that linky thing I used for the writing challenge up on her blog for people to link up when they do participate. You could join in on a part-time basis, if you want to, Linda. If you feel like atoning, that is. 🙂

  • Yes. Yes, it can.

  • Ah, envy. Not just your run of the mill sin, but also one of the seven deadly sins. I’m an overachiever, even when it comes to sinning. At least I’m not alone! 🙂

    PS: I’m psychotic about the 30 day photo challenge!

  • Woohoo, Mags! So glad to have you on board. You have no idea what you’re getting into. 🙂

  • And that, Lemmikki, is why I am joining you.

  • HAHahhahHAhah!

  • P.J.

    Ha! You are doing another challenge! Sucker!

  • Hey Nicky! I can understand the Envy, but – GOLDARNIT WOMAN – you missed off Gluttony! Oh come on, ‘fess up! Writers block is countered with tobacco, booze or tasty tucker! What, not even a little bit? No fun, NO fun! But I, for one, am glad you’re back. If you get block again, try writing about funny badgers; it works for me. Indigo x

  • Nicky, you are sinless. But if you want to do the photo challenge, I’m going to visit you every day and leave comments so you can win. It just won’t be right if you don’t win. I have this wonderful Sony camera you gave me, but I’m still not confident about my photography skills. I just don’t want to play if I can’t win and I’m sure I can’t. Plus, you know how bad I am under stressful situations. (Remember?) In any case, I’ll do everything in my considerable power to make sure you win.

  • Thanks for the support, P.J.! But I guess I deserve that after dragging you all through the 30 Day Writing Challenge… 🙂

  • Oh, I didn’t miss off Gluttony, Indigo. I’m just saving a few for my next blog post/confession. Hey, if I steal your idea and write about funny badgers, I can also add theft to my list of sins! 🙂

  • We really are one and the same. I suck at photography, which is why this challenge is my penance. And I don’t know about you not winning this challenge…I’m pretty sure you’re the winner because you’re not actually taking part! 🙂

  • As usual, I am not going to openly participate.

    Number one…my photography skills suck.

    Number Two…Number one is being kind. They are worse than “suck”.

    But, I will cheer you on. I will be your ever present stalker…cheerleader.

  • I knew the moment I saw a whip that Nicky wrote this one. You crack me up! I wish I could play but my book is making me stay in and do my homework. Still, I can relate to the no blogging thing all too well. I may have to pop into your photo challenge once or twice just to catch my breath from novel writing! Call it an, erm, a treat?

  • That reminds me. Have you seen NatureShare? It’s a new web site to post pics of wildlife. I think you’d really like it.

  • Nicky is full of sin and so is Linda which is why I love them so much!

  • I’ll do another writing one, but I struggle with my Project 366 photo deal. I can’t imagine trying to add a theme to that! Yikes!

  • I could have posted 30 days of rain (and some) easily, but I’m afraid my camera hasn’t seen the light of day all summer this year. It’s not likely to for Autumn either, unless we find a way of draining all the water from Yorkshire soil and plugging up the heavens to stop the incessant rain we’re still having.

    I wanted to take part, but can’t find the enthusiasm this time, so forgive me 🙂

    I’m sure your photos will be great!

    I read the book ‘Metamorphoses’ many years ago and the images in my mind have always stayed with me. Poor beetle 😉

  • I can barely breathe! Dammit, this is funny. And so on the mark.

  • Thank you Nora. That’s not what people normally say I’m full of. I appreciate it. 😉

  • I hear you, Cheryl! I really don’t know why I keep participating in this thing. Oh, wait! I DO know! Because the only good thing about this challenge is YOUR cheering!

  • Hmmm, it seems I have developed a virtual reputation. Cool. 🙂

  • Our summer was quite lovely (sorry, don’t mean to rub it in) but our Fall is proving to be much less so. Rainy, cool and generally yucky. I completely understand the lack of enthusiasm, Babs. Completely. I’m sure my photos won’t be great, but I appreciate the sentiment. 🙂

  • Yeah, you’re laughing now but let’s see if you’re laughing on Day 4. 🙂

  • I’ve got Day 4 covered but I have to figure out how to post it so no one who knows the woman in the picture actually SEES it. I almost decided to opt out when I saw some of these crazy-ass prompts.


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