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30 Days of Photos III – Outtakes

Ziva and Mike WJ‘s 30 Days of Photos nightmare (Happy Halloween) is finally over…but wait! There’s more! Today is Outtakes day so here are some random and not so random shots that were leftover from the picture taking insanity.

Autumn was stellar this year, so you could just point your camera anywhere and there was always interesting light and color.

autumn bike ride crunchy leaves

I have a lot of leftover pictures of leaves and the neighborhood alleys are always fun to walk through. I probably should have used this one:

autumn montreal alley

Yep. You see some interesting things in the alley. This was a weird unplanned find that I considered for Broken:

grow dammit sign

The shot didn’t really come out the way I wanted, but I liked the arch and the color of  the brick. Didn’t know what theme to use it for either.

livraison montreal door

It’s the crane from Above My Head but from another angle. I actually took this the day after, so it was kind of too late to use it. The building under construction also made an appearance in last spring’s 30 Days of Photos II for The Future.

montreal contruction crane

And finally, the box from Secret…opened. Hmm…amongst the other crap, there’s a capsule with an inscribed grain of rice in it. I could tell you what’s written on it, but that’s another secret:

secret box opened

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  • Barb

    Great pics!!!!!! I love the autumn ones!

  • That autumn alley shot is fabulous. And I love the crane from the other angle with the fog and all. I wish you hand’t opened Pandora’s box. We could be in for some trouble…like another 30 days of insanity.

  • Tami Von Zalez

    Two thumbs up for the alley image – that would have made my favs list!

  • Okay, I LOVE the autumn photos. The Grow Dammit sign looks like something I would make. 😀 And ohhh! The box! I love it that you opened it to reveal its dirty little secrets.. I see some pretty interesting things in there… Is that Fake Barbie’s Q?

  • Pic number two is my favourite 🙂

  • Despite the fact that Fall heralds the arrival of Winter, it is still a beautiful season.

  • These are absolutely fabulous. I love the foggy building under construction!

  • The photo of the crane in the fog is great

  • Thanks, Barb!

  • The alleys are great. People are very keen about greening their yards, so there’s a great variety of flora to enjoy. Feels like you’re in the country at times.

  • Thanks, Tami!

  • It’s really just a box of coins. And then there’s that whole question about the grain of rice which says…

  • Thanks, Babs, autumn really came through this year 😉

  • It really is. We were fortunate this year that it really stretched out.

  • Thanks, Meleah!

  • I know!

  • You’re such a tease. 😛

  • I had a couple of photos that came days after the prompt too. I adore that city shot. I think that alley is one of your best shots. It’s wonderfully composed and leads to god knows what (some SECRET garden?). I laughed out loud when I saw that peg with the sign next to the plant. If only they listened. Your collection inside that gorgeous box looks like something I’d do, minus the guitar pick.

    I hope you don’t go missing again. I enjoy your writing and photographs so much.

    I’ve finally gotten my outtakes posted.

  • Fantastic shots. I love the alley one. It reminds me of where I grew up. We don’t have alleys here in the burbs.

  • The picture of the alley is my favorite… makes me want to go out for a walk. But I’m too exhausted from this photo extravaganza.

  • And here I am THIS LATE! I LOVE the Grow Dammit the most!

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