Above My Head – 30 Days of Photos Day 3

No matter what direction you look in these days, you’re bound to see a construction crane. This one’s over 30 stories tall and it’s base is actually anchored about a block away. It’s also above my head and even though I’m pretty sure that it’s secure, hanging around beneath it doesn’t seem like such a great idea.

above my head construction crane

This “fun” challenge aka 30 Days of Photos III is brought to you by Mike WJ and Ziva.

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  • Paula Wooters

    Why is it all the Above My Head photos are making me dizzy this morning? Must be vertigo in reverse.

  • I don’t see many construction cranes in our small town, to be honest. I think we have one building over four stories, so that might be why. That said, this is one of the most dizzying photos I’ve seen yet this morning. I’m getting vertigo just from looking at it.

  • I love that picture. I really think that is an awesome shot.

  • Holy crap, I’m sitting down and I still feel like I’m about to fall down. And then get crushed by a crane. Awesome photo, Mike, really!

  • What an amazing shot! I feel like I’m getting Vertigo just looking at this!

  • What a great shot, Mike. Look up. Look way up.

  • great perspective – makes me dizzy looking up like that!

  • I love this shot, Mike. I can’t believe the base is a block away, Mike. The economy must be booming…Mike. This is Mike, right?

  • That’s a very tall crane! I wouldn’t want to stand beneath it either.

  • MikeWJ

    I’m waiting for the piano to fall on my head.

  • Coco

    Yes, we see those cranes everywhere in this season. Your photo made me have a neck ache because I felt as if I looked above my head. And it means it’s a really nice picture. Did you see the spiderman?

  • I really like the shadow of the buildings against that bright blue sky. Nice shot!

  • SWEET!!! That is a great shot. Cranes overhead? SCARY!

  • Dizzying shot but really nice. In the clouds, I see a dog, a scary looking dude and a nose. There’s also someone wearing glasses. Love the name of the picture.

  • ladyV

    booyah! great over my head photo.

  • Yikes! I would get away from that thing really fast.

  • I agree with you that having that hanging above your head is not a good idea. ♥ the pic!

  • Those cranes used to make me a little uneasy until I saw how they are erected. Now they just terrify me.

  • Great shot, Mike. I’d hang out underneath it simply to see blue sky for a change. Besides, I like living on the edge.

  • Yep. It’s pure danger! But seriously, our city has a bad rep and it wouldn’t be the first time that a crane fell out of the sky.

  • Yep. Taking them apart is equally frightening.

  • Thanks Monique!

  • I did! A few quick shots and I was out of there.

  • Thanks Lady V!

  • Haha…you know I forgot that I added that text.

  • Very. They sway alot!

  • It’s a very Autumny sky with that fall humidity in the air. Like it’s warm but with a chill at the same time.

  • Why would you wait for that? You should be running!

  • I know, right? This whole theme is hurting my neck looking at all of those pics.

  • I think it’s the tallest one we have right now. Not a great place to linger.

  • Yes, Margaret, it’s me! You got it right 🙂

  • It’s exactly like being there, without the danger.

  • Ahh…I miss the Friendly Giant and his crackpot friends Jerome and Rusty.

  • Thanks, Meleah!

  • Thanks, now if only I had that camera…

  • Now THAT shot gives me vertigo. It’s just crazy!

  • A few people have said that. I hope no one fell off their chairs.

  • Yep. I think we all ended up with neck aches.

  • My butt was firmly entrenched in the couch so actually I was good. 🙂

  • Barb

    That would make me nervous!!!!

  • Nice shot, but I agree with Paula, it is a bit dizzying.

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